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Left dA for a while and Pageviews instantly started to grow! XD
Emerald on Homeworld and Her White Pearl
What should have been something else turned into this; XD I wasn't going to draw Homeworld version of Emerald - but this one turned more emotional. Oh, and meet my - I mean her - White Pearl. Finally. XD (I don't think I uploaded any art of her before.)
In case you're wandering why Emi's sad - you gotta ask her yourself. XD I don't know. However, it's probably about the stuff that's been going on on Homeworld and somewhere during the beginnings of her making her own secret society. She's probably sad about what was being done to other Gems and the ones she couldn't help (maybe even some that got shattered as a punishment).
Pearl, on the other side, sees her like this and starts realizing she's not like what you'd expect such a high ranking (Homeworld) Gem to be...

Now - let's take a minute to talk about their designs.
I adore how I managed to get Emerald's head; but her clothes.... it's another story. Especially the ones on her back.
She looks kinda what you'd expect a Pearl to look, with all the fancy stuff - and it defined her in a way, constantly reminding her she was never the real commanding type, but more of a garment herself... even though the Diamonds bestowed her with great authority. She was still their favorite servant.
And don't even get me started on the design of White Pearl! I've been struggling to make her for almost a year, and still nothing. All I know is she has one of her eyes covered by hair and the rest of her hair should look poofy, but that's it. I wasn't even bothering with clothes - I always throw whatever on her, and it's never the final product! XD

Anyway, hope you like, and sorry for being so inactive lately (like I didn't have worse times HUE).
Spot the Dalmatian Jasper
Ladies and gents - meet my newest Gemsona! XD
I've just recently got an idea for her. So many people have been mentioning Gems that are smaller than the Shortie Squad and I thought: "What if instead of two Gems making it alive out of the crashed space ship I make three?" And somehow a nickname Spot and a Gemstone with just one spot at the center of it came to mind - and the rest is history I don't remember anymore. XD I know I looked up gemstones that have spots and only dalmatian jaspers came up, so I decided to stick with it (could change it somehow if I find better). The colored ones looked like ladybugs, and I wanted mine to be red - so that's what I picked. I usually look up the meanings and uses for gemstones, but nothing came up for this one that I already had planned for her.
She's a micro-tech genius. She's kinda like a real bug that could stick into small spaces and work things out inside super-fast - but that's all she can do. They rely on numbers and other bigger Gem-technicians to get the job done.
Other than that - I heavily referenced praying mantises and ladybugs for her - and added super big goggles for the total geeky look. The hair.... I'm still working on it, XD but I like the messy version I made on the second drawing (although I've seen WoW Undeads with better haircuts lol).
As for her personality - she's kinda like Peridot, but... annoying in another way. She's always busy with something or upset when she doesn't have what to do; she's so into the stuff she works on and uses only tech-terms that makes understanding her really hard (I think only Peridot and Pearl would be able to follow her - and maybe my other Gemsona, Amber...); but she can take a breather and make sentences that other Gems can understand (although she mainly does that for Emerald). She's angry most of the times, because the technology on Earth is very primitive to her and she can barely patch up anything she gets the idea for because of the lack of resources.
And now for her backstory: (SPOILER ALERT!! for anyone that is interested in reading my SU fan fiction one day - but since that day may come whe/never, you may as well go ahead; also, if you're not interested, you can skip to the "end of spoiler" mark in the next paragraph) there are two options for now - one is that she managed to survive the crash and emerged when Amber and Emerald did; second - and this one goes better with the story I already have (but I'm not wholly satisfied with it) - she survived the crash during it's actual crash; she got caught up in the Gem war and she couldn't get the attention of anyone (both because of her size and because everyone was mostly fighting and/or didn't care); she tried building a communicator with what she could find by herself in order to contact the Diamonds or whoever she could contact on Homeworld - but Garnet and Pearl discovered her, thought she was a threat, and, without listening to her, poofed her and bubbled her.
At some point during her own story - after she learned what became of the Gems that the Rebels fought and how even the Corrupted Crystal Gems ended up bubbled in the Temple, Emerald asked Garnet and the rest to look through Garnet's room - to see if she could find any of the Gems that may be her comrades. She finds Spot and begs the rest of the Crystal Gems to let her out, so she could see if there was any normal sense left in her old friend from Homeworld. Despite being overly cautious, and remembering why they poofed her, they let Emerald do it, and, well... that's how Spot's story on Earth continues. XD (End of Spoiler)
... I mentioned Amber a few times, and I don't know if I ever did before - but I have more than one SU OC whose story will be tied with the rest of them - so no more spoilers from me. ;P
Also, KyuubiCore - I'm sorry our designs of Dalmatian Jaspers turned out to be so different. XD
Let It Rain Down
Another practice addition to my previous upload (…), because I honestly didn't know what else to draw.
My old fursona, Jessica, in the rain.
Troubled Emi
A lot could be troubling this Gem, but honestly - this was just vent art.
Also I just decided to practice, since I haven't been doing that a lot lately...
White Topaz Deer Horse (take 2)
... And finally (following……) - after many more experiments of trying out different looks; adding and subtracting the eyes and legs (you don't wanna see those XD) - this finally came out of me in one clean small sketch. And it finally stuck. It was perfect - it had the flowing mane, the long tail, the great strong rack, muscular built of a Topaz Gem and it was rideable. Practically everything I wanted out of this creature - only some things are still missing... I can't come up with it's backstory on how it came to be, but - I'll leave that to time itself. ;P Maybe something good will fall on my mind...
Maned Doe
Following the…, it fell on my mind to try something more elegant - and so, this version emerged. To be honest, I liked it a lot - and it finally got that feminine look, because, after all, the creature is partly - le gasp! - a Gem. However, it became something too small to be ridden (by Emerald).
Oh, and - this was supposed to be a part of that first meeting (…).
(Also sorry for it being barely visible - it was just a sketch and it stayed like that.)
Deer x Horse Creature
(Related to… and….)
Looong have I been trying to create this creature for Emerald that would be rideable, and like a huge white stag, with a rack much like that of a branched tree - but it has been a process that probably lasted for a year.
Here are some of the early concepts, where I tried to "fuse" a horse and a deer (remember this guy from here…? The lower example on the drawing above should have been a fusion of a deer and him - but I dropped that idea since Emi never really warmed up to animals anyway...).
Emi Meets...?
Proceeding with research (after…) and, once again, getting reminded how little I know when it comes to actual references (a.k.a. how riders on horses look, or how big my characters actually are lol).
So the cat is (partially) out of the bag. This is the first encounter between Emerald and the deerxhorse-like creature (I'm still not sure what it is myself), and there's a long story on how things went afterwards - but I guess you can imagine yourselves. XD I left so many hints.
It all depends on how things develop in the actual SU story, so, this is just the basic idea.
... I think I have forgotten a lot more things to say right now, so I might add more info later.
On To Battle!
Well I wanted to make a quick drawing, but then I realized I have no idea how to draw the legs of the rider from this angle. XD

... I won't say anything. Some things and characters should be recognizable (from my SU fan-fictive works). Take it as a teaser. =P
Peridot WIP 4
Still a long way to go.
And her head turned out bigger than I planned...
(Also notice the clean work-desk... -.-)
Peridot WIP 3
The update on my progress on the Peridorito.
I'm sorry for giving you just one photograph - but if I edit and upload all of the photos I took of her, I'm afraid I'll be behind schedule on making her greatly (like I'm not already).
Anyway, hope you like!
As always, I have things that I could complain about not being well done - but I really like how her head came out. XD And I'm not done with everything yet, so there's room for improvements. Plus - this is my second work with polymer clay, and I'm sure anyone would be surprised that I'm doing this well with that fact. XD
Hope to give you more new info soon!
Emi Inspecting The Bear Paw
If you read my earlier post on Facebook (…), then you know this is Emi's bear form I was talking about.
I have a long way in learning bear anatomy XD as well as incorporating Emi's design into it - but, this is my second try, so go easy on me.
Her Royal Crankiness

Emi - either tired or cranky -- or Peridot's finally rubbing off on her...

(Sorry for the quality everyone - I'm kinda short on scanners and too tired to edit digitally - so I give you this quick doodle before I doze off myself...)
For no uploads or news from me, or very little. I could tell you a whole story behind it, but that would take up too much time...
Short version: I'm busy and Holidays!
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I don't get it.
When I'm away - I get from 20 to over 65 views a day.
I get back and get active - I get from just a couple of views to maaaybe up to 20, if I'm lucky.
What the heck man?!

Just found this on… 

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  • Playing: WoW, KHUx, animals simulators etc.
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