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When all others tell you is how good your work is, but all you see are flaws.
Quick uncleaned sketch.
Emerald and White Topaz Deer somewhere in the wilds.
CD (if I had continued to draw while listening to this, who knows how many more sketches of these two I would have made)
Emerald Pondering (no bg)
OK, no idea what this Gem is brooding about now. Could be the latest reveal about PD/RQ, but I really don't know - I just imagined her this way and decided to draw.
And hooray on actually coloring her! But as for the background... lol No idea what could go there. I should have made this transparent maybe.
Talking about coloring, I took a new approach with the new version of the program and... made things harder for myself. lol I'm gonna stick to my old rules next time.
Anyway, I'm satisfied with how the lineart came out. I rarely like it more or as much as the sketch underneath it.
... If you have any suggestions for the background I should put here, I'm all ears!
OK, an idea just hit me. But that's gonna take a lot of time and effort........ and God knows if I'll go through with it.
Emerald Pondering.ora
... Man, how I missed this.
I don't know how long it's been since I drew anything with a tablet, and in my fav program (yep, it's this simple thing, because SAI and Photoshop are too advanced for me Steven Quartz Universe Emote 8 - though I use SAI when I need to move the selected lines or stg like that (since, sadly, MyPaint still doesn't have that option (shame on you!), or I combine both programs preferably).
... Hope my PC doesn't crash again after this.
Finally going to (try to go to see) "Infinity War".
There's a massive thunderstorm.
Even the heavens are crying; I can't 😫
Quick Loki Study
Literally just that. I've been working on some of my own designs, so I decided to do a little study of some of my favorite Loki looks. Made it last night.
It's a shot from a deleted scene in "Thor" from 2011.
... I know there are a lot of mistakes, gaaahh! - but I wasn't up for making a real study with following all the rules. At least I'm not displeased with how this came out (especially since I drew it in like... 2 hours or less?).
A leaked footage of me waiting to see "Infinity War" and new "Steven Universe" episodes…
Well this just made my day. lol
The real Stan Lee reccomendation:…
Me on Infinity War:
Just a Rant on Pre-Watching Denial and Possible Deaths. And a Promise…
My luck with my PC for the past 6 months summarized:
Starts it for around 20 times, things go moderately well;
then suddenly, everything crashes and I get the Blue Screen of Death, no help from home repairing.
(And I even bought a new motherboard and everything last time...)
My Tumblr.
Lots of new posts (mostly concerning Marvel).
Go check it out if you're interested!
Happy Easter!

Well, here I come after disappearing for a long time. Again. Hah.
At this point I'd be surprised if anyone's following me at all. But hey, let me go back to my old 'thing' and pretend I have followers and I'm writing to them.

I actually started this whole thing for an entirely other purpose. I've been holding it back for a long time now, and I've been having such an urge to spam my Tumblr with it, I can't do it anymore. So let me come clean.

Yep, I have an obsession with Loki. Some of you (readers) have probably sniffed it out of me, 'cause it's been going on for about... 2 years now. It just had a break. And now it(he)'s back.
Of course, this requires going back to the beginning and explaining. Oh, and before that sentence bores you out of your mind and makes you ask yourself why you should give a... *cough* damn, I'll also tell the people that were following me for my "Steven Universe" art (if anyone actually was) how this affects the whole thing ('cause it hell of a lot does *devil smile* Rainbow Dash Planning Something Evil (Emoticon)).

... You know SU had massive hiatuses since... May(?) last year, and I survived most of the time...

... However.... I gave in just at the very end of it (and just when Cartoon Network released the new eps on their app - I was already gone by that time). I wasn't even planning on it. I can't remember how it happened. I just know I really wanted to watch "Ragnarok" and that I....... wait. It came back to me.
I've been following Marvel on several social networks, and "Infinity War" trailers and promos were popping up, as well as a lot of "Black Panther" stuff, and the last movie I watched was "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" (for those that aren't familiar with Marvel's Cinematic Phases that have been going on for a decade, well... either you go and Google it, or I tell you that there are dozen of movies and other junk that's all connected to each other) - so I decided to catch up. I marathoned Spidey, Ragnarok and Black Panther in less than 24h (I was sick or whatever, so why not), and man, do I not regret doing that.
I mainly did the thing because I wanted for ONCE to watch an upcoming world's number 1 movie in the cinema like a normal person, and I think I managed to do that only once or twice with these... "marvels", since they started coming out. (Yeah, I missed all the "Avengers", "Captain America", "Iron Man" and what-not movies in theaters and watched them at home, like a mere mortal (most on a big HD TV screen, but still).)

... So now I come to my own Phase Two of explaining things:


Thor: Ragnarok

did to me. All over again.


(enjoy the music...)

I was looking forward to this movie since 2016, probably before it was even announced. Why? It is so obvious... *chuckles*

Related image

But one thing doesn't make sense to me even now, and it's a thing that baffles so many fanboys (and probably a huge amount of fangirls too) out there - how did I manage to, with so many great guys to pick from

Related image

- end up falling for the villain? ESPECIALLY because I'M not the type to do so, and never was.
... I guess it all started somewhere around 2012 - when I became a huge Riku fan....
He was the closest thing to "falling for the bad boy" I ever came to. And frankly, it scared me. I was starting to change, and I didn't know if it was for the good or bad. And this was not a good sign. XD
So how did the thing with Loki start?
When I saw the first "Thor" movie so many years ago, he was just a regular villain to me. I had little to no empathy for him, or just considered him frankly bad.
Then a lot of time passed, I missed the "Avengers" when it hit the theaters (I was neck deep in some other stuff back then, so it wasn't such a big deal that that happened; even though one of my friends urged me to... well, at least consider watching it...), and then, years later - back at home, one day I walk in on my mother watching something on the TV, and it was that iconic scene where Loki walks out on the Stark Tower, overlooking the battle for New York as it was just beginning, and I was like: "... Oh, Loki!" I mean, I know the horns and the outfit - so many cosplayers and fan arts never let me forget him, so I immediately jumped to the conclusion it was the "Avengers" movie I missed. And I decided to catch up.
I had so much homework, but by the time I was done, I became a huge Marvel fan all over again (Spidey got me into it all back in 2002(?) - he was the first superhero I watched on big screen, and he still remains my favorite - even though I never had a crush on the guy or anything). Yet even after catching up to the "Avengers" - no love for Loki. Not until... "The Dark World". And not the movie itself, it was that one particular scene that I'm guessing also got through to so many of his fans... the one in the dungeon, with him and his mother.

That was it. Those few relatable seconds I had with him, and I was hooked.
And that's how the Madness started...

CD [link] - Try not to crack up because of my choice of music for this opportunity (althought I myself am cracking up XD) - it just goes so well......

Being the general type of fangirl that I am, I started coming up with fanfics and an OC right away... However, it didn't take me too much time to find out about Sigyn.

800px-Loki and Sigyn by Gebhardt by BillieJean485  Sigyn Loki's Wife by Harry George Theaker 1920 (1) by BillieJean485

Loki's canon wife.

... I still don't know how to feel about Marvel not including her in the movie. Honestly, I think it gives Loki a bigger freedom of character, yet, on the other hand...
I've read so much about her. Well, from what I managed to dig up on the Internet. XD She fell into that image I had for an OC love interest for Loki so beautifully that I cannot describe. She's everything I wanted to put in that character and more. I love her so much and I grew to have a certain respect for her from the myths. It takes... so much devotion, patience, sacrifice, stoic qualities and compassion to just accept someone as Loki, let alone love him and be as fateful wife as she was/is.
... Don't take me wrong, but Sigyn from the comics was a fool. And no doubt would Loki use her for his tricks and mischief, even in the mythology itself, I'm sure of it - but I wanted to create something more....

... I'm done with the start of the story - however I'm at a stand-still point after the latest ongoings. Loki is a crazy cat - to put it most humbly, and I honestly don't know what's behind him. I can read some parts of him from a psychological point of view like looking at a mirror - but there is so much left unraveled, like walls and walls around his very center of being - and he probably is mad to some extent, as well as filled with vain, jealousy, bad choices and hatred, so you never really know what to expect from him. And Marvel is using all of that to it's fullest. I wonder if there IS someone among them who actually understands him and knows what his next moves will be and WHY - heck, I'm not sure even Tom Hiddleston knows his own role of the character completely yet.

Oh well... wish me luck with him. I wanted to create something similar to "Ragnarok" in my fictions, but I'm too late... XD So, I'd have to go with my own view on the comics, cartoons and movies combined and create my own story. (And with Marvel's universes canonically having so many different realities, it seriously doesn't sound like an idea that should be turned down.)
... Also, mentioning that I was "falling for the bad guys"...
It took me some time to understand that I love more than anything to see a bad character turn good. However, I hate clichés and even more than that I don't want to fall into that typical stereotype of WHY a good girl likes a bad boy - and don't expect my Sigyn to fall into that line - expect a GODDESS of Compassion.
... It's me having problems of coming up with that kind of a character that left me storyless at the moment. I've read of some real-life women that were Saints to their husbands, but I have yet to understand such... Godly devotion. I'm at my imaginative limits - as well as moral comprehensions, it seems. So this is going to be even harder...
... Unless I give up on everything and write my version. I'm just afraid that I'm going to push Loki OOC. And I don't want that. Even though... I know how some things about him ended, and that, at the end of it all - he really just wanted to be loved, accepted and appreciated.
And don't take my word for it - you have the whole canon multiverse to explore for confirmation...

I'll leave you at that.
For now...


... As for SU...

Wish me luck there too.
I feel like I might just get off that train now, and this is not the first time it happened.
Some things keep pulling me back but... others keep pushing me away, and I don't know which one will prevail.
OMG, listen to my way of talking. XD

"Thor" really had an influence on me...


  • Listening to: radio, YouTube, personal favs
  • Reading: whatever I can put my hands on lol
  • Watching: movies, random videos, Internet vids etc.
  • Playing: "Marvel's Avengers Academy" and other
  • Eating: home-made and junk food
  • Drinking: water, tea, juices
Left dA for a while and Pageviews instantly started to grow! XD
Emerald on Homeworld and Her White Pearl
What should have been something else turned into this; XD I wasn't going to draw Homeworld version of Emerald - but this one turned more emotional. Oh, and meet my - I mean her - White Pearl. Finally. XD (I don't think I uploaded any art of her before.)
In case you're wandering why Emi's sad - you gotta ask her yourself. XD I don't know. However, it's probably about the stuff that's been going on on Homeworld and somewhere during the beginnings of her making her own secret society. She's probably sad about what was being done to other Gems and the ones she couldn't help (maybe even some that got shattered as a punishment).
Pearl, on the other side, sees her like this and starts realizing she's not like what you'd expect such a high ranking (Homeworld) Gem to be...

Now - let's take a minute to talk about their designs.
I adore how I managed to get Emerald's head; but her clothes.... it's another story. Especially the ones on her back.
She looks kinda what you'd expect a Pearl to look, with all the fancy stuff - and it defined her in a way, constantly reminding her she was never the real commanding type, but more of a garment herself... even though the Diamonds bestowed her with great authority. She was still their favorite servant.
And don't even get me started on the design of White Pearl! I've been struggling to make her for almost a year, and still nothing. All I know is she has one of her eyes covered by hair and the rest of her hair should look poofy, but that's it. I wasn't even bothering with clothes - I always throw whatever on her, and it's never the final product! XD

Anyway, hope you like, and sorry for being so inactive lately (like I didn't have worse times HUE).
Spot the Dalmatian Jasper
Ladies and gents - meet my newest Gemsona! XD
I've just recently got an idea for her. So many people have been mentioning Gems that are smaller than the Shortie Squad and I thought: "What if instead of two Gems making it alive out of the crashed space ship I make three?" And somehow a nickname Spot and a Gemstone with just one spot at the center of it came to mind - and the rest is history I don't remember anymore. XD I know I looked up gemstones that have spots and only dalmatian jaspers came up, so I decided to stick with it (could change it somehow if I find better). The colored ones looked like ladybugs, and I wanted mine to be red - so that's what I picked. I usually look up the meanings and uses for gemstones, but nothing came up for this one that I already had planned for her.
She's a micro-tech genius. She's kinda like a real bug that could stick into small spaces and work things out inside super-fast - but that's all she can do. They rely on numbers and other bigger Gem-technicians to get the job done.
Other than that - I heavily referenced praying mantises and ladybugs for her - and added super big goggles for the total geeky look. The hair.... I'm still working on it, XD but I like the messy version I made on the second drawing (although I've seen WoW Undeads with better haircuts lol).
As for her personality - she's kinda like Peridot, but... annoying in another way. She's always busy with something or upset when she doesn't have what to do; she's so into the stuff she works on and uses only tech-terms that makes understanding her really hard (I think only Peridot and Pearl would be able to follow her - and maybe my other Gemsona, Amber...); but she can take a breather and make sentences that other Gems can understand (although she mainly does that for Emerald). She's angry most of the times, because the technology on Earth is very primitive to her and she can barely patch up anything she gets the idea for because of the lack of resources.
And now for her backstory: (SPOILER ALERT!! for anyone that is interested in reading my SU fan fiction one day - but since that day may come whe/never, you may as well go ahead; also, if you're not interested, you can skip to the "end of spoiler" mark in the next paragraph) there are two options for now - one is that she managed to survive the crash and emerged when Amber and Emerald did; second - and this one goes better with the story I already have (but I'm not wholly satisfied with it) - she survived the crash during it's actual crash; she got caught up in the Gem war and she couldn't get the attention of anyone (both because of her size and because everyone was mostly fighting and/or didn't care); she tried building a communicator with what she could find by herself in order to contact the Diamonds or whoever she could contact on Homeworld - but Garnet and Pearl discovered her, thought she was a threat, and, without listening to her, poofed her and bubbled her.
At some point during her own story - after she learned what became of the Gems that the Rebels fought and how even the Corrupted Crystal Gems ended up bubbled in the Temple, Emerald asked Garnet and the rest to look through Garnet's room - to see if she could find any of the Gems that may be her comrades. She finds Spot and begs the rest of the Crystal Gems to let her out, so she could see if there was any normal sense left in her old friend from Homeworld. Despite being overly cautious, and remembering why they poofed her, they let Emerald do it, and, well... that's how Spot's story on Earth continues. XD (End of Spoiler)
... I mentioned Amber a few times, and I don't know if I ever did before - but I have more than one SU OC whose story will be tied with the rest of them - so no more spoilers from me. ;P
Also, KyuubiCore - I'm sorry our designs of Dalmatian Jaspers turned out to be so different. XD
Let It Rain Down
Another practice addition to my previous upload (…), because I honestly didn't know what else to draw.
My old fursona, Jessica, in the rain.



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