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Lapis Lazuli as the Little Mermaid by BillieJean485 Lapis Lazuli as the Little Mermaid :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 18 0 ''Back to the Moon'' - Diamonds by BillieJean485 ''Back to the Moon'' - Diamonds :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 2 0 Lion Lickers Causing Extreme Pain by BillieJean485 Lion Lickers Causing Extreme Pain :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 8 1 Steven - Sometimes it is better to just walk away by BillieJean485 Steven - Sometimes it is better to just walk away :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 8 1 Spyro Chasing Gems by BillieJean485 Spyro Chasing Gems :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 9 3 Lapis Drowning The CG by BillieJean485 Lapis Drowning The CG :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 7 2 Emerald Again by BillieJean485 Emerald Again :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 13 0 Emi Pissing Off Emmy by BillieJean485 Emi Pissing Off Emmy :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 13 0 SU OR Emerald by BillieJean485 SU OR Emerald :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 13 0 (Homeworld) Emerald does not approve of Emerald by BillieJean485 (Homeworld) Emerald does not approve of Emerald :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 10 4 Emi does not approve of Emmy by BillieJean485 Emi does not approve of Emmy :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 6 0 Garnet 1 by BillieJean485 Garnet 1 :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 6 3 Emerald's Dancing Poses by BillieJean485 Emerald's Dancing Poses :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 5 0 Dancing Girls by BillieJean485 Dancing Girls :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 3 0 Terrified Peridot by BillieJean485 Terrified Peridot :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 8 0 Rest by BillieJean485 Rest :iconbilliejean485:BillieJean485 2 0

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But if it's for using it to ask me to do something for you later, forget about it.
Personally, I'd use it for the point commissions or on any way to improve the dA experience for both you and me.

(lol And do ignore the number (if you can see it). :XD: I tried typing '0', but it told me it was invalid, so I typed in numerous '9's - and it turned into this!
Looks like there are no infinite donations. lol)

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Man do I love that she's bringing up every topic that I'm going through as an artist in my own life! XD
''Back to the Moon'' - Diamonds
I think the tittle says it all.
I made one huge mistake though - where my sketch of Blue Diamond is should have been Yellow's. -__- And the stairs make no sense if you look at them closely... But I doubt those are the only mistakes (and I see they're not, but I didn't wanna fry my brain). I gave myself the liberty the SU storyboard artists do. XD
Lion Lickers Causing Extreme Pain
I doubt Lion would ever bite Steven like that, but this was the only thing that came to mind with this random topic. XD (I opted on using Amethyst instead, but my mind set itself on this. lol)
Steven - Sometimes it is better to just walk away
So since my requesters ran out of ideas, I started using other methods of random ideas. So I used the random sentence maker. XD You have the sentence here. lol And this is what came out.
Spyro Chasing Gems
This was the second request, and frankly, I didn't know what I was doing during most of it XD - I never drew any of the here present characters.
Btw, I chose our favorite villains so far (though I feel like I missed out on someone... hmm...) - not including the Diamonds. That would have been... too big of a bite for Spyro. Problem? 
Lapis Drowning The CG
So I kinda opened the tumblr-like "ask" thing in a private chat with my friends, so this was a request. XD
I have no idea what Garnet actually means (other than it being a future vision even I couldn't predict XD).
Emerald Again
My take 2 at Steven Universe's Emerald. Got her a bit better than the last time (…) but I still can't wait to see her full form. I already adore her, XD I hope that that doesn't change once the new episodes air.
Also - kudos to everyone that gave her a full body design. Hope the canon is not way too different from that for all our sake. :lol:
Emi Pissing Off Emmy
So Emi found out about Laremmy (Emerald x Lars) and is... well, not laughing at her but at the whole thing (this being the original SU Emerald, not having anything to do with the shipping the fans made/support/don't support lol). And so am I. XD Haven't had this much fun since who knows when!
(I honestly didn't WATCH it whole, but I listened intently, so, hopefully that'll do for you too.)

Emi does not approve of Emmy
Well this had to happen. XD
Still a rough sketch - maybe it'll look better once I learn how SU Emerald actually LOOKS from this angle. XD
Anyway - did this as an idea that I could still incorporate MY Emi into the whole canon, because she's still different than all other Emeralds (more info on it here:…), and what would happen should the two meet. I don't think I need to explain anything more if you scrolled through the text from the link I provided.

(Another version here:…)
I think I finally figured out what my SU OC's - Emerald - position was in society on Homeworld...…
Trying to get into an art school at the end of a season, with one last chance for the entry exam and many odds against you be like…



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Hi! Welcome to my page!
Make yourselves at home. :)

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My apologies for every grammar & vocabulary mistake. (u.u )

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