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I think I finally figured out what my SU OC's - Emerald - position was in society on Homeworld...…
Trying to get into an art school at the end of a season, with one last chance for the entry exam and many odds against you be like…

Dear LGBTQA+ people,
Since June is now officially your month, I would like to say this on that occasion as a straight person:

Thank you for sticking it up in our noses and eyes on every media, social network and a bunch of public places for an entire month.
This is worse than Singles Awareness Day.
And I know a lot of you will be able to understand this, because there's a lot of LGBTQA+ people that dislike seeing stuff of other sexuality (or sexuality and romance overall). Fighting for and having a right to be heard and understood is one thing, but this is too much. You have officially become as bad as straight people that were sticking it up your noses for centuries/millenniums for being different, and some of you have become as bad as heterosexual fanatics that were mistreating you in all kinds of ways for the same amount of time. I hope you are really proud of that.
Also, I will add that I know that not all of you are like that, and some of those people I am happy to call my friends.
In any case:
Happy Pride Month! 
If I see just one more piece of animation where they CONSTANTLY use ear wiggle in animals just so that they would make them more alive, I'm going to EXPLODE.

There are more creative ways, people! Like, seriously - it's cute the first two or three times - after 20+ it just makes you wanna barf every time you see it! ):<
Wars are the ultimate pinnacles of human stupidity.

… When it comes to Samurai Jack, I have to say: I saw more fan service in these last 5 episode than I saw in most Animes, WHOLE.

First, Jack is back. (SPOILER WARNINGS AHEAD!) He’s older, but his good uncorrupted heart hasn’t changed a bit. Just the weight of decades and decades of endless fighting without much result finally got to him. And who can blame him?
He faced killing human beings for the first time.
He got a female sidekick, who was evil, but somehow managed to notice the good that is still left in Aku’s world (and I’m honestly surprised there is any left at all) and decided to change. She’s probably going to end up as his most loyal fan, if not more (hope for the shippers! *shot*). XD
Jack was compared to a lone white wolf. Facing tigers. And if that wasn’t enough, he and the wolf met, and the latter practically saves his life.
His old best ally is back, and he is more badass than ever (seriously, an army of daughters? XD And yelling at them for going to battle looking like they went out on a dance? Clap forever for Genndy, or whoever came up with that XD).
What else have I missed…?
Riding a dragon in the last ep? Not giving up on a foe who had no reason to live other than to kill him? Appearing on a bike, in full armor - mask and all, at the very beginning? Constant hallucinations after everything? I mean… Is any good idea for the finale against Aku forgotten? I think that, if it seems it is, it will be shown in the next episodes.
Oh yeah, and Aku. Still evil. Still hilarious. But giving his own self a therapy session with a talk of why he’s so depressed because the Samurai is still alive? Priceless.
… I honestly don’t know how to end this, but I will add just this: years of waiting and almost giving up on ever seeing a sequel are finally paying off. And I didn’t even saw Samurai Jack as a kid, but as an adult. And I can say with certainty that I was among the biggest fans of the show.
Still am. And will be even more it seems. :D
Jack forever! 
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"When the cold of winter comes
Starless night will cover day
In the veiling of the sun
We will walk in bitter rain
But in dreams
I can hear your name
And in dreams
We will meet again
When the seas and mountains fall
And we come, to end of days
In the dark I hear a call
Calling me there,
I will go there
And back again"
I know I haven't been making any of these since who knows when, but I'm still striving to change that. However, I found a better place for my Journals - LiveJournal! Thing is, I don't have to post only art related stuff there like I do here, and it grants me much more freedom. That means, I might replace dA Journals with those altogether.
I have to give a call out to my watchers - current and future ones - please, PLEASE, under the "Watch" settings, I urge you to check my Status updates as well as those for Scraps, because I post the majority of important stuff right there, and you'll be missing out on a lot from me if you don't. :( I can't help you otherwise - because I just can't bend some of the dA rules nor how I post things just because someone simply doesn't want to open it and do it. (This is also a shout-out for all the other DeviantARTists that do the same thing. There is so much you guys don't see. Some of us don't upload everything to our Galleries and Journals, and it's really hurting everyone. dA isn't doing anything to point this out, so, it's our own struggle.)
Thank you in advance.

Oh yeah, and here's my first entry on LJ:…

The links to future ones will be posted in my Statuses.
  • Listening to: YouTube, favs, random, radio
  • Reading: lots of stuff
  • Watching: TV, net vids
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  • Eating: home-made, healthy and junk food
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Emerald's Dancing Poses
And my last submission for the personal Stevenbomb! lol
Here are some of the poses that came from the tip of my head while I was listening to Panjabi MC - Jogi:…". She could totally pull off a perfect choreography for that song.
... I also think Emerald would love some deep club house mixes (which would go great with Garnet), but I have yet to make any art related to that. ;P Expect seeing her at Sour Cream's Raves too lol - she could totally work with him on them.
Oh well, so much from me for now. I have a lot more art on my mind - but I used up all my artistic energy for these. XD
If you wanna find my whole Stevenbomb - look up for art under "steven universe" tag in the browser in my Gallery. I have a lot of art in my Scraps too, mind you! They're good, but they're just not refined.
See you till next time!
Dancing Girls
Pearl, Emerald and Lapis synchronizing. Pearl is obviously breaking here. XD
I imagine Emmy is good with traditional Indian dances, but she can easily adapt to other styles too. Lapis should be able to follow her. But Pearl... XD She always has a hard time with anything that isn't refined, non-erratic and classical. lol
By the way, I almost forgot - this was also a good example how much Emerald looks like the combination of the two original Crystal Gems. Something in between. Big Grin But she's still her own character.
Terrified Peridot
Whatever it is, it's worse than the Cluster.

(I screwed up the arms, I just know it, and feel it, and see it, XD but I can't save them anymore.)
She's displeased because of another drawing I made of her. XD
I'll upload it in a bit.

Enjoy in our angry little slice of pie.



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