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Stardust Dragon - First Sketches by BillieJean485
Stardust Dragon - First Sketches
The dragon first depicted here:

I'll Search The Stars For You..

... She's going to have feathers instead of scales... And the rest of her is from, well, stardust. I'll have to put a lot more into her development...
I'll Search The Stars For You.. by BillieJean485
I'll Search The Stars For You..
The result of lack of good fan fictions I've been looking for around the Internet...

A quick doodle fan art.

...I've been playing "Birth By Sleep" far too long... -.-
A short WIP fanfiction I wrote related to this:…
        ... At first all they were were just simple glances. And unusual ones for him at that - rarely did he smile at anything like that, not to mention never at anyone. But she would steal those precious moments from him, even though neither of the two ever noticed.
        The glances were directed to Eraqus's 'daughter' - the one Terra and Aqua learned he took in and cared for when she was little. Her name was Amelie.
        She was about their age, but the first time they ever saw her was when she visited them, now. Apparently, after she reached certain age, Eraqus found a new home for her, and she left the Land of Departure. She just came to see her old 'father', as well as visit her childhood home.
        But what came as most puzzling on the matter for the Master's pupils was - that Amelie was not a Keyblade Wielder.
        She wasn't ordinary, that was for sure - but she was completely different from them. While Aqua and Terra spent their time mostly on training, Amelie was always with her head stuck in books, papers and, what seemed to be, maps of all sorts of Stars.
        Eraqus revealed to them that she had one side of her that was to be approached with utmost care - she had always wanted to be a Keyblade Master when she was a child; alas - she didn't have it in her. They learned that early on - before she reached her teens. Also, he noted that she could never live it down; she always looked up to him, the other wielders, and wanted to be a part of it all. And when she finally accepted the fact, her only consolation was to still stay involved with it somehow. That's where Master Yen Sid stepped in the picture. The girl always had a knack for stargazing and had a poetic side to her - talents the former mentioned Master recognized as ones that could be used in a way he himself practiced. So, with a load of literature and a new home found for her alone, she set off, and left the place that started burdening her with her inability to be like everyone she admired.
        It seems though, that even after years she still felt the same. Amelie did not communicate much with either of the two - Terra nor Aqua - and was rarely seen anywhere around at the beginning. It wasn't like she was doing it on purpose, or out of jealousy - she was simply shy and felt inferior to them. She tried her best not to bother Master Eraqus as well. Respecting her and thinking it was best that way, he too did not try making her get involved in their everyday routine. However, this was one thing that he did not tell Terra and Aqua.
        In Terra's eyes, she was beautiful - she had long very curly blue hair, but not the same shade as Aqua's. It differ in brightness, from the top to the bottom as well as her the outer curls from the deeper ones, but it could be best described as azure. Her eyes were emerald green, and she wore a long floppy dress, light blue and teal color, as well as matching slippers, and also had a few green ribbons wrapped around her ankles. And, as mentioned, she always carried folders of papers and pencils. But it wasn't her looks that caught his attention - there was something about her, something else.
        Aqua was his best girl friend - and though she was not someone to be taken lightly in a fight - she was by all rights girly. She had that girly posture; she responded to things in a feminine way, and even in her voice you could hear that gentility that would make any other guy let his guard down. But what Aqua had, and Amelie lacked, was a lot of self-confidence - to that extent that she never had to defend herself in any way and that made her always be at peace. On contrast - Amelie never spoke surely - even almost quietly, and, even though she appeared a lot more feminine in comparison (maybe because there was no actual armor or training gear on her), she never had a self-conscious walk like most girls have - but was rather like floating through the air when walking, be it fast or slow.
        But, since her arrival and onwards, the other blue-haired girl seemed somewhat nervous in their presence, avoided eye-contact and never approached them in any way. It puzzled Terra - he could sense that she was doing it for a reason, and he instantly felt the need to loosen things up. There was some big invisible wall that needed breaking.

        From Amelie's point of view, it was kinda a direct hit in the heart when she saw that her guardian-father now had real students of his own, and also ones he treated like his own children. She felt like a complete failure and nuisance. Alas, with their hospitality, they at least helped her feel like she won't be of any bother to them at all. And Eraqus was glad to see her - he had so many questions to ask her about her new life. She was still a grown-up child he let go to him.
        And the Land of Departure... The place didn't change one bit and was as beautiful as it always was. She wanted to visit every corner of it and reminiscence about the good old days... except there was one problem. The new students that occupied the place.
        She knew Keyblade's chosen ones had to face daily hardship she could never comprehend - and also ones that required a lot more of one's strength than she had - so she stayed clear out of the way, not wanting to endanger her hopes of still being able to roam freely through a place she loved, but that was now to be inhabited by others way out of her league. So one could imagine that it came like a complete shock when Terra approached her.

        Truth be told, Aqua was the first to do it - but it was more in a matter of greeting, and both students wordlessly decided that was best because she was a girl. There weren't many Keyblade Wielders nowadays that were females, so that might have had a positive impact on her.
        It broke through the ice, that was evident, but Amelie was still edgy around them. They were determined to make her feel comfortable, but it was no easy task. It would have to take days...
        And then it started happening.

        At first both of them tried starting small conversations with Amelie. And they were literally small: like, just "Hi! How are you today?", "I'm good, thanks," and such. But then Terra suddenly took the initiative and started adding more, with some simple questions, like what's she up to, if she'll be joining them in the gardens later, or will they all have lunch/dinner together. And it seemed that Terra even bothering to ask her such stuff came as a complete surprise to Amelie. But not a bad surprise - on the contrary; after that she started actually looking them straight in the eyes when talking, and didn't seem kinda 'fidgety' when normally passing by them, or walking through the same room they were in. She even begun starting conversations with Aqua.
        He didn't dare ask her anything about Keyblades or if she'd like to watch them train. He knew he'd be walking on thin ice with such topics... So, instead, he focused on asking about her and her interests. And, slowly, she started opening up more and more. Then he realized she was simply shy by nature, and that he actually made a big breakthrough. Just the thought of it gave him immense joy.
        Suddenly they started spending more time talking, and he genuinely tried to use up every possible opportunity to do so. She talked about her days spent in the Land of Departure; revealed to him the simplest tricks to star-reading, and even mentioned she writes poetry. And after that, there was no turning back - he became her friend and could finally communicate with her with ease. Aqua was speechless.
        It was around then that Terra started sending Amelie glances. He often did it in Aqua's presence, and it didn't take her long to realize that he himself wasn't aware he was doing it. And the more time passed, the more he was doing it, and smiling all the while. So Aqua started catching up on what was going on...
        After a few more small-talks, when Terra became able to bring up his and his friend's trainings as topics, he gathered enough courage to ask her if she would like to spend her time near them, while they trained. He simply put it like it would be nice if they could spend more time together at the same places. Amelie accepted. Terra couldn't be more glad. But Aqua... The poor girl's troubles just started.
        She also thought it would be great if Amelie would spend her time outdoors, doing what she normally does and while she and Terra spar in the background. But when Terra started swinging his Keyblade in an overly-used fashion - or he'd miss his targets altogether - she saw that it wasn't such a good idea.
        She tried her best to keep it to herself, she really did - it was as clear as day that Terra was developing a crush on Amelie, and she thought to let things go their natural way without adding anything up; but once he started showing-off in front of her when they were practicing, she had to speak up her mind.
        "Terra!" she tried to call him back to reality while they were in a middle of yet another sparring session, "Focus! Your Keyblade should go more this way around, instead of making a whole circle!"
        "What are you talking about, Aqua?" he replied with a grin. "I was merely trying out another approach!"
        "I know where your approaches are headed," she argued, "and they are far away from your training ground, and a lot more that way!" She ended the sentence quickly pointing at the currently oblivious Amelie sitting by a stone table. That caught Terra off-guard.
        "W-what?... I'm not....... I don't know what you're talking about, Aqua!" he threw his arms in the air, playing dumb. Aqua gave him the look.
        "Of course you don't. You're unconsciously trying to look great in front of Amelie!"
"What?! I'm not -"
        "You like her," Aqua cut him off, but trying her best not to raise her voice, "and if it were more obvious than it already is, the trees and birds would start talking about it!"
        Terra blushed in a deep red, and looked away, trying to hide it. He couldn't talk back to her though.
        "... Now come on and let's finish today's training," she called him back, and he turned to her, but with his gaze still glued to the floor.
        That day's training ended well, but Terra had notably begun loosing focus afterwards, so much that in the end they had to consult Master Eraqus about it, and their teacher decided it was best if Terra started sparring with him alone in the Throne Room. It hurt Terra's pride somewhat, but he didn't go against his Master's wishes, and decided it was best to obey - even though he didn't see the problem Aqua and Eraqus did. It also took him some time to adjust - for he was no match for Eraqus, and had to put everything in a training if he wanted to learn anything. That left Aqua and Amelie alone to each other.
        Aqua found a way to train on her own , and now that the spirited brunette was out of the picture, it left Amelie nothing else to focus on, but her own work.

        It was still amazing to her, the whole thing: she always felt kind of intimidated by buff guys; yet Terra broke through that intimidation within weeks. At first, when she arrived, all she managed to notice were a tall well-built young stranger, and a pretty, but strong and serious girl of her age, and neither of them were appealing in her eyes. She was too shy to even properly look at their faces, let alone approach them. But her adoptive father encouraged her to make some communication, and before she knew it, Aqua and Terra were doing the same.
        They weren't like what they appeared to be - serious students whose minds were focused only on self-improvement in battle - but were actually friendly and welcoming. And after Terra started small-talking with her, she finally started noticing other details about them. First and foremost were Terra's facial features - he had a sincere gaze, and totally unlike the rest of him, his eyes offered gentility, especially with their bright blue color and long eyelashes. As a matter of fact, she thought he looked handsome.
        With Aqua she had even less problem afterwards - after all, she was a girl too. And soon, she started wondering what it was like for her to be a real Keyblade Wielder. Now that they were alone, she could ask her about it.
        "Oh, it's really no big deal," Aqua waved it off, referring to the trainings themselves. "After a while, you get used to it, and your body does too. You keep pushing your limits."
        "I see..." Amelie trailed off. Aqua could sense that even with that it was bothering her.
        "You know..." she started carefully,"... the Master told us that your dream was to become a Keyblade Wielder. I'm really sorry that didn't work out."
        "... I'm still feeling sorry about it too," Amelie finally opened up. "But what can I do... I could just accept it and be who I am."
        Aqua thought for a moment. "You can still train. You don't have to use a Keyblade to fight for what's right..."
        "I know - but it was just too painful for me..." And Amelie's expression supported her words. "Besides... Master Eraqus said I wasn't really built for battle. And I can't argue with that...... Even the simplest of things I tried took me a lot more to learn than it would any other student.
        ... Then again, when I think about it - I never learned even those." She looked up at Aqua and smiled sweetly, joking with her for the first time. Aqua chuckled lightly.
        "What about your maps?" the short-blue-haired girl asked, pointing at the ones that always lay on the table. "I hear you're good at stargazing."
        "Oh, yes..." Amelie responded. "Well, these are just patterns of the Lanes Between that connect the Worlds... And some stars are actually connected to each other. There are also ones that are so similar..." Amelie continued explaining. "... It's amazing, all those Worlds out there."
        She really did seem amazed about what she was talking. It made Aqua smile.
        "I also hear you're a great poet," she brought up.
        "Well... I write things down whenever inspiration hits me... And that happens fairly often..."
        "... Would you mind if I read any of those?"
        "Not at all," Amelie answered, and pulled out a paper she wrote onto barely an hour ago.
        Aqua read it. It was a genuine poem about matching Stars, students and teachers; also something about a forgotten land... but that wasn't finished. Either way, it left her without a comment, even though they were works in progress.
        "I really like this..." Aqua said, in awe.
        "Thank you," Amelie responded.
        "... You know, I think you're best with what you do." The other girl looked at her. "You are best with what you already are." She handed her back the paper.
        "... Thank you, Aqua," she told her after a few moments, meaning it. "... But I still find being a Keyblade Wielder far more fascinating..."
        Aqua chuckled. "It's not like that's all there is to us."
        "No? But what else is there in your life?"
        "Well.... I'm good at baking," Aqua smirked.

        From that day onward, Aqua and Amelie became friends too.
        Also, talking about baking... There was one more event that 'spiced' things up. One evening, all four of them sat down for dinner, and this time Aqua's specialties were on the menu. Poor Terra felt devastated.
        "Not your sweet-stuff again..." he complained, before even being served. "I didn't make strawberry cake for you, sourpuss," Aqua commented. That surprised him. "I made some green salad and a carrot-cake with nuts. Neither are very sweet..."
        Terra blinked. "What made you go out of your way?" he asked in disbelief.
        "Let's just say that Master Eraqus and I faced an even match in our preferences..."
        He was still confused.
        "You're not the only one that has a dislike for freshly picked fruits and sugar," Master Eraqus explained. Amelie shifted in her seat at this, suppressing a giggle.
        "What, you too??" he practically jumped up. "Oh, thank goodness! Somebody that finally understands what it's like to be surrounded by addicts with a sweet tooth!"
        They all laughed at that point. But Terra was really glad - not only would he probably be able to eat a lot less sugary stuff while she was here, but he and Amelie actually had something in common...

        ... And Master Eraqus acknowledged this too. He noticed how, right from the start, Terra showed a lot of interest in gaining Amelie's trust and making her comfortable. But he didn't put much thought into it; Terra was that kind of person. However, he did mentally jaw-dropped when he saw his oldest student in the gardens with his 'daughter' - stretched out on a stone chair by the table and not in his usual 'macho' posture, while having a relaxed conversation with her. It became clear that he was also showing interest in gaining her affection, and now he'd have to keep a close eye on the two, worrying and hoping that nothing goes wrong.
        But it didn't. Aside from that problem of Terra not being able to focus on his training while around her, everything else went it's best way. He even felt thankful to him, because Terra managed to reach Amelie in a way he himself never did.

        "Hi!" the boy greeted Amelie, finding her at at the usual spot.
        "Hi," she greeted back. It was starting to get late, and Terra just joined her after a long day of practicing with his Master.
        "... How's your day been?" he asked, sitting down not far away from her. He was somewhat jealous of Aqua now that she was the only one that had her attention during the day, but he tried not to show it to anyone.
        "Good, thanks. I didn't manage to work much on what I started yesterday, and I think I'm gonna spend the night looking up at the sky."
        "Oh, really?..." he said, leaning on his elbow tiredly.
        "... How are you?" she asked back.
        "Tired..." he answered, suppressing a yawn. "I was put through some really hard drill today..."
        She chuckled. "How come you're not headed to bed then?"
        "I wanted to catch some fresh air before it," he lied. He crossed his arms on the table and rested his head atop of them now, shutting his eyes for a moment. He truly did seem exhausted, although his appearance was somewhat... well, refreshed.
        The secret was that he actually went to have a shower after the training, and also got into some clean clothes so as not to come completely rugged and with bad odor in Amelie's presence. The hilarious fact was, once again, that he did all that without thinking why he was doing it - it was all instinctively. Luckily nobody saw him, so nobody could tease him for it, and Amelie was as clueless as he was.
        Terra tried to strike some small-talk with her, but, before he knew it, he drifted off to sleep. Maybe that was the moment Amelie began to feel that all he wanted was to see her, and not catch 'some fresh air' as he put it. She took some light clothing she brought for herself for when it started to get chilly, and covered him with it. He was so fast asleep that he didn't even feel her doing it.
        After that, she took her telescope and went a bit away from the table, not wanting to wake him up. He clearly stated he didn't want to go inside anytime soon, so she respected his wish.
Terra x OC
An unfinished TerraXOC short fanfic.

... Remember how I complained about not being able to find any fiction I liked online? Well, in the end, I let myself get persuaded to write this. It's still a WIP, mind you - it's going to need a lot of editing...

Anyway, here's the other fan art I made related to it: I'll Search The Stars For You..
Also, know that Amelie herself is a work in progress. There's a lot more to the girl I need to figure out...
And completely this time. (My stomach just acted up again and I'm worn out from everything altogether.)
I need rest. I won't try to be active.

See you soon~!
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Hi guys! Again, another apology for the overdue serious update. But, this time, I have a good alibi.
As I've mentioned since who knows when... I've been sick and stuck in the house for a long period of time - and it hasn't ended.
It took the doctors over a month and a half to find out that I have a sinus inflammation (I can't help but say I knew it! in the first place...) - and in the meantime I've been diagnosed with 3 other stuff (one was true though - that infection), and just a few days ago, I think I picked up something nasty from the Health Center while I was at the lab and waiting for the scanning, 'cause my stomach acted up so badly afterwards that I ended up at ER.
... Don't ask. It's one thing I'd like to forget ASAP.
Anyway, I'm getting better now, but only starting from today will I be able to take antibiotics for the sinuses, because I couldn't drink anything from the irritated stomach.
... I think the reasons of my fear that I won't go to Belgrade even this year are becoming clear.

On another note - I finally paid animated movies some attention (and meaning I actually studied how they were made - frame by frame I mean) and... well, I think I'm gonna work a little bit for myself, like some fan art maybe. And continue reading given literature for animation.
I'm not too happy because I'm still delaying the preparations for the Faculty exam, but the heck... I wasn't in the state to devote myself to that. Private Art Classes started again - and AGAIN I had to postpone even that because of the sickness... And it really made me ask myself: "Is it going to be this way for the rest of my life?" Depressive, I know. But what else can I wonder? I can only hope things will either get better or I'll find a way to live with all this... stupid stuff that's happening to me.
Okay, I didn't intend to make this Journal so personal. Sorry. I need to vent out somewhere...

... I am seriously pissed off for so much procrastinating on the TMNT series, and I don't even know the reason why they are doing it. -_-
I'm following YGO! Arc-V, but decided to go with just the subs - I can't watch the episodes two times in a row...
As for other stuff - pretty much the same. Still trying to complete "Birth By Sleep" 100%; and I had some good ideas on the fan fiction with Terra in the main view but... Dunno if I'll put it into motion. I'm getting too old for this stuff... lol :blush: remake Blush

Oh - I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to my Tumblr page: - since I've been spending my time going through the posts there, and I've found a lot of interesting stuff; you may like it... either a lot or not really. XD

... I need to get a Premium again... I miss the Polls badly, and my Profile looks.... Ugh!

Okay, I'm ending the rant here. :D
Hopefully I'll see you soon! And with another chapter on the "Truth or Dare 2" from The Diary Of The Crazy Clerk - and it will be submitted in Nigsea's Gallery, just to remind you.

Okay, that's it. Toodles~!
Shiunin Sora by BillieJean485
Shiunin Sora
Here's a rough sketch of what's going to be a full-body drawing of Sora from newest series of Yu-Gi-Oh!
I'm still working on the details and the pose - and I have no idea how it's gonna turn out in the end. So far, I've changed like 70% of the sketch from the beginning.
I'm going to color him too, but I don't know about the background...
Keep your fingers crossed for me!
... Every time I try watching "Once Upon a Time​" I get reminded why I'm still not watching it! lol XD
I can't keep up with the story or characters - Kingdom Hearts​ has my mind boggled up so much that any new info that comes in, regarding a fiction which is mixed up with every possible fairy tale out there, makes it want to burst! (If you managed just following this sentence I put up you can see how much of a problem it is. XD)

Anywhooo.... Who knew that the REAL Snow Queen actually exists in the "Frozen"​ universe!? :lol: And that she's Elsa​'s aunt no less! :D
(Yep - I just gave you a massive spoiler. =P But I can't help it - the episode I just saw left ME bewildered. :XD:)
Let's hope we'll see more of it in any other future movie Disney makes, regarding "Frozen". Big Grin
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YORI: *closes her eyes as she lets him hug her*
KIRYU: ...
... Come on, let's go outside...

YORI: Ok... let's go...
KIRYU: *lets her go* You've got the key.
YORI: *takes key out from her right pocket* ...I almost don't want to see how they're going to react.... *as she opens the door*
BJ485: *hears the door opening and peeks out of the room when Kiryu and Yori got out*

CARLY: *peeks beside me*
KIRYU: Umm... a little help?...
Sweating a little...
YORI: *looking away* .... *sighs* ....
CARLY & BJ485: ...

BJ485: ... You two are one of, if not the craziest, couple I've ever seen.
Sweating a little...
YORI: *giggles*
BJ485: *sighs* (u.u)
*goes out of the room completely, and so does Carly*
Jack, do you have anything you could lend to Kiryu?

JACK: ...
BJ485: *to Yori* ... I think all of my clothes are too big for you.
I'll see if I can find anything of my aunt's...
Carly, give them some towels in the meantime.

CARLY: *goes past the two and into BJ485’s room to get some, as she goes into the room in the middle*
YORI: .... Sorry for the trouble.

BJ485: *from the room in the middle* It's okay.
I'm glad you're both alive and in one piece!

CARLY: *comes out of BJ485’s room and hands Yori and Kiryu the towels*
JACK: *coming out of my room, sighing; to Kiryu* All I have are my spare shirt and my summer jeans. *opening up the wardrobe in the corridor*
KIRYU: That'll be fine. I'll take a blanket or something...
JACK: *hands him the clothes*
BJ485: *coming out of the room, carrying a sweater and a pair of trousers; to Yori* Will these be okay?
YORI: *nods* Thank you. ^-^ I'll just use him *points at Kiryu* as a human heater if I feel cold. *smirks*
XD *laughs*
KIRYU: *looks away smirking; then turns around and goes back into the bathroom, locking it behind him*
BJ485: *points to her room* (It's just on the right when you come out of the bathroom.) You can go in and change. I'll bring you the hair dryer and some hair brushes if you need any.
YORI: Thanks but I don't think one hair dryer is gonna be enough. *chuckles*
Sweating a little... ...This is gonna take forever....
BJ485: *thinking*
*Jack and Carly go back to the living room*
Could a fan heater help you somehow?
I'm guessing Kiryu's gonna do the same.

YORI: ...Yes, that would help...I think...I'll be right back. *goes to her room to change*
BJ485: *goes to get the things she needs and waits for her to change*
YORI: *comes out after a few minutes*
*she's holding her hair up with one hand so as not to get the clothes wet*
BJ485: Here... *hands her the hair dryer and the brushes*
The fan heater is in my room... Guess you could put it on the desk and make a double effect to speed things up...
... Can I help you somehow?

YORI: Yes, please. Could you brush the right side of my hair while I do the left? Kiryu was messing it up....
ME: Sure. :)
YORI: *after about 10 minutes they finishing brushing Yori's hair* ....
*15 minutes later* ....
... I'll just tie it up.... -__- It's taking too long...
ME: *still not tired* Take your time.
It's not like we're going anywhere.
And Jack will probably be thankful for the brake. :XD:
YORI: *sighs* Okay.... but only for a little longer. My arm is getting tired....
ME: Well... Let me do it. Just instruct me how to.
Or maybe Carly could.... Wait just a sec!...

*goes to the door and calls Carly to come over*
YORI: *glad she can finally put down her arm* .... *mutters* Maybe I should cut it...
ME: ... But it looks great on you.
*Carly arrives*
CARLY: Yeah, what is it?
ME: Let's help her dry her hair. And you should be better at it then me.
CARLY: *looks at me, then at Yori*... Okay.
YORI: .... Thanks... My arm is too tired to keep up though...
CARLY & I: *one goes on one side each*
ME: ... So how did that between you and Kiryu happen anyway?
YORI: ...
*looks down* ... Um, we just talked and I told him.... everything...
And well, I *blushes* I like him... so I told him that... :)
ME: ... You told him everything?...
... Wait, you mean......??

YORI: *nods* .... He was really shocked....but...he accepted me.
ME: ... *blinks blankly* ... Which one of you?
CARLY: *confused*
YORI: I'm Sayori.... She said she'll sleep for now unless I need her...
ME: ...
You two are gonna get into whole lot of trouble one day.
YORI: *looks up to her* Why? *confused*
ME: ...
Well, you both pose as one person. And now you made a love triangle between Kiryu, 'Yori', and Yusei.
... If you really get between those two, it's gonna end up ugly...
YORI: .... You're right.... *looks down* ... I hadn't thought of that. *sighs* Well, Kiryu knows she likes Yusei... but I guess that really doesn't  solve anything...
ME: Yeah... :(
CARLY: ...
ME: *noticing Carly's confused face* Don't worry, I'll explain everything to you later. :)
*gets serious* But you have to promise not to tell anyone; as far as people from your world goes!
YORI: .... What should I do?.... Tell him the truth? Although I don't think she's ready to confess to him....
ME: *takes me a moment to get what she's saying*
I don't know. I think it's best to leave things the way they are now. And not to take it too far with Kiryu either.
YORI: *looks down sadly* ...I understand... I'll try... :(
ME: ..... Besides - when Cindy's time in your world passes, you might be the one left with heartbroken Yusei. And you'll have Kiryu to yourself, if things work out. But I doubt Kiryu would be able to simply ignore Yusei's feelings....
*sighs* .... Man did it get complicated....
... I should have thought twice; I kinda did the same thing Cindy did, only I've pulled others into my own world....
... I didn't thought it would come to
anything like this.
YORI: When the time passes she will make choice... She doesn't really have to go back.... Rin granted her wish, so I'm sure if she has a new one it will be granted... *puts a hand on her head*
*groans* This is giving me headache...
ME: .... *decides to drop the subject for Sayori's sake*
Lets get your hair done first...
YORI: Thanks.... *10 minutes later*
.... I thought we would never finish... ^^;
ME: Well that was rather fast.
CARLY: :) Hope you two didn't get tired of the game!
YORI: Nope. :) Let's keep playing.... *sighs*
... I don't know how I should treat Kiryu... :(
ME: .... Be a little bit more gentle with the guy....
He's really been through a lot, and I don't know if, nor how, would he be able to survive another heartbreak... Not to mention I think he's risking
everything with you.
YORI: I know....I want to be close to him and show him how I feel but.... *sighs* I guess, I'll tell him I'll be switching again....
ME: (u.u) *sighs* It's gonna be a battle.
CARLY: *starts walking towards the door*
YORI: ...I don't think I can face him...I guess it's better if she does it. (V_V)
ME: ... Nope.
It's your fight to fight.
It's better if you wait until you're ready to do it yourself.
Knowing Kiryu,
*smirks* he won't be satisfied with anything else.
YORI: But I can't! Not if I have hid my feelings so I won't hurt Yusei... *shakes head* I can't just act indifferent like Cindy to Kiryu....
ME: ... *shrugs*
... Whatever you do, you better make sure it's the right choice.
Now, let's go and have some more fun, while we're able to.
YORI: ...I hope I can.... *sighs*
ME: *puts a hand on her shoulder*
Relax. :)
I'm sure Kiryu's working on it too.
YORI: *takes a deep breath* OK...ready or not... *opens the door to go back to the living room*
OTHERS: *watching TV*
JACK: Oh, you're back...
CARLY: *goes and sits beside him* :)
JACK: -_-
KIRYU: *covered with a blanket, sitting on the floor; his hair is all dried up*
YORI: *to Kiryu* I really am gonna get you back. *smirks*
KIRYU: *growls lightly* -_-
YORI: *chuckles at his face* ....
*sighs to herself glad she's able to act normal* .... So, are we still playing?
CROW: Um, yep, who's turn was it now?
ATEMU: It should have been Kiryu and Aporia's...
YORI: So, I guess it's Kiryu's? Since we changed partners? *blinks confused*
KIRYU: *sighs* Oh why not.
We stopped playing by the rules over an hour ago...
*reaches out to take a piece of paper*
YORI: *yawns* ...What did you get? *rubs eyes lightly*
CROW: *turns off the TV in the meantime*
KIRYU: ..."If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do, which
would you want to kiss, and who would you notify that you are dying?"

YORI: .... Interesting.
KIRYU: ...
*tries to think of something good*
... Don't know - I would maybe end up thinking what I managed to do with my life...
*looks back at the paper*
And... I don't know...... Misty?
Kinda the only celebrity I know.
As for the notification......
... I doubt I would notify anyone......
... I'd leave a last will to Nico and West though.

YORI: *feeling a little uneasy* ....
CROW: *saw Yori's face* What burst your bubble?
YORI: *touches her forehead* ...Fever....*mutters* I need to stop thinking...
KIRYU: *worried*
*checks her forehead*
*takes the blanket off of him and wraps it around Yori*
JACK: *to Kiryu* Great! You overdid it!
KIRYU: *feeling guilty*
YORI: It's not his fault... I always get fevers when I'm thinking too much...
*to Kiryu* Thanks. *smiles a little*
KIRYU: *the guilty expression starts going away; mutters* ... It still is my fault... *looks down*
ME: ... Is there anything we can do to help? :( (Sad)
YORI: I just need to stop thinking... *groans* The more I try the more I can't...
ATEMU: ... Is there anything that can get your full attention in an instant?
YORI: ....11x11=121, 12x12=144, 13x13=169, 14x14=196... *keeps multiplying* ...18x18=324, 19x19=361, 20x20=400...*sighs* Much better....
ME: u.u'' Thank God...
YORI: Sorry. Sweating a little... ... I'll try not to push myself too hard...
ATEMU: *pokes me in the ribs*
ME: oo ...??
ATEMU: *points at the tasks*
ME: ... -_- ...
... *takes out a paper*
YORI: ...What did you get? *rubbing her temple*
ME: *reads to herself, then bursts into laughter*
ME: ..."When was your first kiss? Your first tongue kiss? Who was it and what did you think about it in both cases?"
I wouldn't know!
XD *lols*
OTHERS: -_-'
YORI: .... -__-
CROW: *sighs*
*takes out a task*
"Walk on your hands at least 3 steps" - ehh?!
Just do it!
CROW: *growls while standing up*
*goes to the middle of the room and gets on his hands; starts walking*
YORI: Almost makes me want to make him trip. *giggles*
OTHERS: *pretending they didn't hear that*
CROW: *makes 3 needed steps*
ME: ... You're not gonna stop now?!
CROW: *growls and makes a few more*
*then goes down on all four*
... That's it! I'm making up the dare or truth for the next person!
ME: .... But what about the tasks?!
CROW: I don't care!
Or let's just go back to the Zombie tag or something.

YORI: *giggles at Crow's outburst*...
KIRYU: *sneezes*
YORI: ...*to Kiryu* Bless you... *takes off the blanket and holds it in front of him* I think you need it more than I do. :) (Smile)
KIRYU: *takes it, sits closer to her, then covers them both with the blanket*
*mutters* Just try anything, and I'm going to suffocate you with this blanket!...
YORI: *mutters* Who, me? *innocently*
KIRYU: *ignores her*
CROW: *goes back next to Yusei* Jack!
JACK: What?
CROW: Truth or dare?
JACK: Truth!
CROW: Describe the sexiest clothes you ever wore and why.
JACK: ... *dumbfounded*
YORI: XD *lols*
JACK: Crow, what kind of a question is that?
CROW: Oh don't play innocent with me.
OTHERS: *starting to enjoy the show*
JACK: ...
YORI: :) (Smile)
JACK: ...
... What I find to be the most
attractive clothes I have ever worn is the outfit I had specially made for the WRGP announcement party. A style fit only for a King!
ME: ...
... You have to
describe it.
JACK: *growls* ... Why should I when you all remember it?!
YORI: 'Cause it's fun to see you get frustrated? *smirks*
JACK: -~-
ME: *chuckles*
JACK: Fine.
I asked for it to be elegant, but to fit the same style I normally appear in; the clothes were made out of the finest material, white and blue, with a gray vest, and, to top it all, a hat with a feather, fit for a gentleman as well!

KIRYU & I: *fighting back the laughter*
YORI: *a smirk escaped her lips and she put a hand over her mouth to fight back the laughter*
CARLY: ...
JACK: ... *seeing nobody has nothing to add* ... Yori, you're up next!
YORI: -__- OK.. *goes to get a paper*
CROW: ... Jack, I'd hate to break it to ya - but those were the least sexiest clothes you've ever worn.
JACK: What did you say?!
*Crow just stares back at him*
*Jack looks away* I am not going to answer such a stupid and vulgar question!
This is the only answer you're getting from me!

ME: *to Yori* ... What did you get?
CROW: ... Hey! I thought I said we were going to dare each other!
JACK: If I'm generous enough to put up with your every wish it doesn't mean everybody else is!
ME: *growls before Crow reacts*
*politely* Yori, take the paper!
YORI: *nods and takes out paper*
*reads to herself* ....Hmm. What's my idea on romance... *thinks for a moment* ...I don't believe in such things as 'happily ever after', or 'love conquers all', or 'fated to be together'. *snorts* I know those are all make believe.... *gives Kiryu a quick glance and looks away from him* For me I guess love is like a plant which is in need of two people to actually care for it to make it grow. Just like a plant needs nutrients and water... if one of them is missing the plant will eventually die... just like in a relationship there's a need of two people... I could go in more detail but that would take too long. Sweating a little...
ME: That was well said. :) (Smile)
YUSEI: Yeah. :) (Smile)
OTHERS: ....
YORI: :) (Smile) ....
CARLY: ... *pouting, in just a bit lower voice* ... But I believe in 'happily ever after'...
YORI: *to Carly* Sorry, it's just I'm a bit of a realist, I guess?
CARLY: *still pouting, a little sad though*
ME: :D (Big Grin)
It's okay, 'Scoop-Snoop' - such things can happen, but you have to fight for it like crazy.
YORI: Sorry, Carly, I just don't believe in fairy tails anymore... :( (Sad) Not even if I want to... *goes back to her seat but doesn't cover with the blanket anymore*
CROW: *looking down* ... Life never is a fairy tale....
JACK: But she *pointing at me* is right - if you want your life to be a fairy tale, you have to grab it with both hands and hold it as hard as you can!
CARLY: :) (Smile)
YORI: Aww, Jack you're so nice... consoling Carly like that. *smirks*
JACK: *seriously; really meaning it* I'm not consoling anyone!
Whoever thinks he can gain any happiness in his life without any big efforts is a fool by all rights!

KIRYU: ... *seemingly a bit taken by the words; frowns as he lets it sink in*
YORI: *thinks about his words* ...I guess you're right....but then again happiness can be so different for everyone and there are many different kinds too....
... Let's just continue...
*others shut their mouths when Yori says 'let's just continue', although they were prepared to rant further on the matter*
ME: *sighs*
... Who's turn is it?
I can't follow anymore...

ATEMU: Mine.
*takes out a paper*
*reads* "What's your favorite thing about the opposite sex?"
*to me* This one's obviously yours, isn't it?
ME: (:0 Whatever would give you that idea?
*someone comes through the front door*
YORI: ....? *looks towards the door*
*Jaden comes in with the 'pets', shutting the door behind him very fast*
JADEN: Wow, that was....
ME: *getting up, hearing who that is, and going towards the door*
YORI: *looks slightly upset and looks again from the door*
ME: *looking at him, taking the leashes of the slightly hyper Tomcat and Coyi* ...
Where are the others??
JADEN: *confused, panting* What others?
ME: ...
I sent others to find you.

JADEN: ... We didn't see anyone.
I almost fell to that canal thing-a-ma-jig, or whatever it was! It was so close!...

ME: -_-
YORI: *to Kiryu* Heater, let me share the blanket again, I'm cold...
KIRYU: *speechless*
*holds it up for her to get in*
JADEN: Phew!
... You guys still playing?

ME: Yeah.
YORI: *mutters so only Kiryu can hear* Sorry.... *gets closer to him*
*in a normal voice* This feels better. :) (Smile)
KIRYU: ... For what?
ME: *takes the leashes off*
TOMCAT: *walks into the living room*
YORI: *mutters* ...I have to keep my distance a bit...
JADEN: ... I'd hate to be so impolite, but umm...... do you have anything to eat? Sweating a little... I'm starving.
YORI: *hears Jaden and glares* You ate my cake! How dare you say you still hungry! D:<
JADEN & I: ...
JADEN: ... Uhmm, well.... Sweating a little... *scratches the back of his head*
YORI: I want my cake. *pouts*
JADEN: ... I'm sorry, Sweating a little... I was really hungry, and I can't remember when was the last time I had a cake and......
YORI: *looking upset*
*glances quickly at Kiryu as she tries to cover her legs too*
*groans* Fine, whatever! *continues pouting*
KIRYU: *confused about the glance*
JADEN: .... *still a bit uneasy*
ME: *sighs* u.u
Help yourself with the fridge.
JADEN: Thanks! ^^
*goes to the kitchen*
ME: *comes back into the room*
OTHERS: ....
*Crow looks puzzled*
YORI: *still shifting as she tries to cover her feet too* ....
KIRYU: ... What are you doing?
YORI: ... Covering?
KIRYU: ....
TOMCAT: *attracted with all the shifting; comes near Yori*
YORI: Here, Tomcat, stay close too. *takes a hand out from the cover to call him so she can pet him*
TOMCAT: ^^ *comes closer, almost knocking Kiryu out of the picture*
KIRYU: ... *regaining his composure*
Seriously, BJ485; you gotta train him more!...
ME: ... You think I haven't tried?!?
You try training a dragon!...

ATEMU: ... Didn't Hiccup give you any tips?
ME: No.
Last time I saw him, I asked him how to RAISE a Night Fury.
He was clueless!
... Anyway, weren't you going to do your truth?
ATEMU: *sighs*
The emotional sensitivity.
Now next.

YORI: *giggles as she pets Tomcat* He's so cute! Love
CROW: ... *to Atemu* Wait, that's it?
*Jaden is heard nomming from the kitchen*
ATEMU: ...
CROW: ... Okay, just checking!
TOMCAT: ^^ *practically lies in Yori's lap*
KIRYU: *trying to ignore it, and make himself comfortable*
JACK: *watching the 3 of them*
*sarcastically* My, don't you fell a bit too cold this evening?
YORI: *rolls eyes* Can't help it, it's not like I can make him any hotter!
JACK, CROW & I: *burst into laughter*
CARLY & ATEMU: *snicker*
YUSEI: *finds it amusing* :) (Smile)
*Jaden peeks into the living room, cheeks swollen with food and Coyi peeks from the corridor*
YORI: ...*realizes what she said* ...That didn't come out right... -__-U
*the laughter dies out*
KIRYU: *looking in the opposite direction, smirking*
CROW: XD Aheheheheheh!
Oh... This one was something I won't forget soon!...

YORI: *red faced; cracks knuckles* Need help?
CROW: *rolls onto his back* XD
KIRYU: Calm down Yori - he'll forget it first thing in the morning...
YORI: *covers face embarrassed*
KIRYU: ....
... Hey, are you okay? You're acting weird...

YORI: *stands up abruptly* Ugh! It's too hot! *goes to the bathroom*
KIRYU: *completely puzzled*
TOMCAT: *same with him - his bed just ran away*
YORI: *comes back with her bangs a bit wet*
*sits back on her seat* ....
JADEN: *sneaks up behind me*
Hey BJ - can I ask you for a dryer too? My pants and jacket are a bit wet...
ME: *noticing* Dang Jaden - why didn't you tell me right away!
I'll get it...

JADEN: *stays kneeling on the floor where I was, watching me leave the room*
JADEN: ...
YORI: ... So, who's next?
YUSEI: ... I am.
ME: *comes back with the hair dryer*
*gives it to Jaden*
JADEN: Oh thanks!
... Where should I plug it in?...

ME: *points him to the kitchen* There - just be careful around the sink.
JADEN: *goes where shown*
YUSEI: *takes out a task*
*unwraps the paper* .....
... Strange....
.. The paper is blank...

JACK: ... Then get another one!
YUSEI: *reaches out again*
*the lights go off*

TDOTCC: Truth or Dare 2 - pt.13
BillieJean485: ... And the chaos finally erupted! :evillaugh:
Nigsea: :jawdrop:
BillieJean485: ... What? :D You shocked because of what happened, or because we finally uploaded a new part? :XD:
Nigsea: the latter. We are too slow with this ^^;
BillieJean485: XD
Actually, taken into consideration that we've given up on this about almost exactly 1 year ago - I think this is a progress! :D
I guess nobody saw this coming. :XD:
... Ahem! Anyway - maybe it's bad luck that made us give up on it and get an idea on how to continue it after so long; I mean, this is part 13... :D
Nigsea: Oh, please! That's pish-posh. My family has been chased by the number 13 since forever and it has rarely been bad luck.
BillieJean485: lol XD
I was just kidding; I don't believe in that stuff either.  : D
But, rest assured readers - we're fully back on working on this!  : D
Now... Let's focus on this part of the fic... and what we need to explain.
From my POV (or, rather, Kiryu's) - he's been rethinking seriously whether he should jump into this relationship with Yori. He thinks she's too mean! XD (I can't blame him there.)
Nigsea: ....well....yeah, I got nothing.
:giggle: ^^; sorry, Yori.
BillieJean485: lmao XD
Nigsea: She IS mean. She is not a good character. She has no morals. I can't defend her because it's true. She has always done whatever she wants, after all.
BillieJean485: If only I had known back then... But what was done can't be undone. We can just try to patch things up the best we can. :)
Nigsea: it didn't help I had no idea either. I figured out later. I mean, the one really looking after her was her older brother. A kid raising a kid...yeah, that's what happened. Anywho....
BillieJean485: ... We focused too damn much on intentionally making everyone think about the opposite sex back then.
*sighs* But can you blame us? Raging fangirl hormones took over. lol
Nigsea: true, true!
BillieJean485: Also... about that outfit Jack had to describe...
Here's the original picture of it from the Anime (for those who haven't seen it):…
Nigsea: how could anyone forget that outfit? lol
BillieJean485: :XD:
... I won't give any further comments on it. lol
... As for other things - the canal Jaden/Judai mentioned really exist in the real world - it's not too far away from the buildings where I was living back in the day.
Nigsea: now that was a mess....
BillieJean485: This is only the start of the mess!
Also - that blank paper Yusei drew will have it's own role later in the fic - I just forgot which... *thoughtfully scratches chin*
Nigsea: ...
anything else we have to add?
BillieJean485: Nothing I could think of. Though... I have a feeling we're missing something...
Anyway folks - enjoy the new part and look forward to reading more!
Your support, thoughts and everything else (except spamming, trolling and flaming) are highly welcome and appreciated!
Nigsea: well, you could spam, troll and flame us...however if you do it you will regret it dearly. So be good! Till the next part!
BillieJean485: .....
Well, you'll regret it from Nigsea's part.
Anyway, see you next time!
Nigsea: -3- I was just kidding..
anyway, see ya!

First Part: TDOTCC: Truth or Dare 2 - pt.1
Previous: Truth or Dare pt 12
Loading... Angel and Daydream by BillieJean485
... I think that if I draw Ariel my style and give her Angie's haircut and clothes - I'll get exactly what I want.
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The legendary actor, Johnny Weissmuller, was actually a Serb, as I've recently learned. :XD:
Yeah, I know - that does not make Tarzan (one of his roles) a Serb, but I had to attract attention somehow. XD

In other news: there's good stuff and bad stuff.
The bad stuff is that I'm over 2 weeks ill - first it was something that looked like a stomach virus, and afterwards a temperature up to 37,5°C which lasted for about 10 days; so yesterday I went to check my blood results and it turned out to be some kind of bad case of bacterial infection (still yet to be discovered where). So, lucky me, I'll be confound to my house a bit more longer.
The good news is that I cleared "Birth By Sleep Final Mix" in "KH II.5 HD ReMIX" (still not 100%, but I'm working on it). Dunno how long it'll take me to do that and if I'll strike the Critical Mode in the end (since I cleared out the previous 3). After that, I'll probably play "Chain of Memories" from the previous HD tittle - and I guess it'll kinda fit now that I have Aqua unleashed Castle Oblivion where Sora and Riku's journey will head next.
Other than this - I forgot if I told you... but Nigsea and I decided to continue our collab, and I started re-reading everything from the beginning; hoping to bring back what I forgot on what we wrote so that we could continue where we stopped about a year and a half ago. Still... RP world rules are so difficult to work with, and we'll have to improvize to the maximum - as well as redo the mistakes we've made in what we wrote so far.
As for my animation career - still on hold 'cause of the sickness, but I've been working at home (you've seen some of the results). Truth be told - I don't feel strong enough to leave for Belgrade this year, but who knows what'll happen till September/October. Mostly I hope "Iluzija" will hold the one-year course again. But if that fails - there's plan B and C - and I'll let God work on plan D.
... What else...?...
... I haven't been very much active YGO!-vise, and you can barely see me in the "School of Dragons" (I go by the name Ethelwolf btw)..... I'm just staying at home and working on getting better.
Haven't watched much cartoons, shows and movies either, but that'll change... Hopefully soon.
Okay, I can't remember if I have anything else to add.
Gomen if I bored you.
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Granted permission to use the tag from :iconkyuubi83256: :D


(1. You must post these rules
2. Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer 
3. Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal
4. Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged.
5.Not something stupid like 'you are tagged read this. 
6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people 
7. No tag backs 
8. You can't say, no tags
9. Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry.)


1. What's your favorite food? :3
- Umm... I actually don't know. XD
But in general I love bread, sweets and meat.

2. What country do you wish to visit the most?
- USA?
3. What is your favorite childhood tv show?
- I seriously can't tell. XD I loved them all equally!
4. How would you describe yourself?
- Hmm... Mysterious, shy, dark, but I love fun and love to make others laugh and have a great time.
5. What's your favorite color? xD
- Le Blue! 8D (Idk WHY people hate this question so much... XD)
6. Do you have a pet? If yes, which one? If no then do you wish to have one?
- A to-be TMNT. XD (I have a female red-ear slider turtle.)
7. Do you live in a house or an apartment?
- A house... Currently. :D
8. What video game brings the most nostalgic feel to you?
- "Kingdom Hearts".
9. What color are your eyes?
- Gray-blue.
10. What kind of video games do you like to play? (sidescrollers, platformers, horror etc...)
- Hmm... I think RPG and Adventure are my favorites - especially open-world.
But, I'll go with anything that has a good story and great characters.


..... None! XD
Seriously, I'm not in the mood to make them, nor do I wanna spam with the tag anybody. :D
I just wanted to do this out of fun. ;P

Well - ciao~!
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Perking Up by BillieJean485
Perking Up
Well, here's today's result of: Perking Up .
As usual - even the sketch looks better and I failed with the colors. Tempera and I... are not very good old friends. XD
I need to work on the techniques of painting. And this, my friends, is a first one I did since the second year of High School. Also, I did it in my notebook I use for drawings mostly - a.k.a. the paper was thin - but I pulled it off to stay there intact and without affecting my other pages.

... I worked... around 4 hours on this. I'm not pleased with the overall look, but I am satisfied considering I haven't held a brush in my hand for years. After all - I'm an amateur with traditional paints.

... I think the sky looks the worst. It definitely needed one more layer... As so did some parts on my 'weresona' as well. But, without argument - I seriously need to work on rocks, mountains and backgrounds - A LOT.

That's all for now~!
Nothing new really going on.
I was wasting my time these days by playing "Birth By Sleep".
I finally finished Aqua's storyline, and went to Terra's, cursing myself for not taking him first (I played with Ven at the beginning). Also, I put the gameplay on Proud Mode, and died a little less that 20 times... XD ... before I hit the Mirage Arena and completed everything but the 'Arena Mode' - making Terra strong enough now to wipe out dozens of Unversed with just a couple of blows.
But you know what - I'm somewhat disappointed with him. I was pretty sure he was as tough as Riku - and strongest of the Trio in BBS - yet... he easily compares to Aqua. Heck I even had a feeling she's a bit stronger than him (even though I cleared her story on Standard Mode).
Maybe Terra toughens up as you play, dunno...

Oh yea! :lol: Listen to this: I managed to spill coffee at the keyboard today (just around the Space button), but, as expected, it started malfunctioning...
The best was while trying to play in "School of Dragons" - I'd get my dragon to fly up in the air, but it would instantly fall down... XD
... Dad is keeping his hopes up that he'll manage to fix it. We'll see tomorrow...
Either that or I'm buying a new keyboard. :/

Oh, and speaking of coffee... I had my second one just 3 hours ago.
Why???? Do I like trying to walk on the ceiling during nighttime, or what??...
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  • Listening to: radio, favs, random
  • Reading: lots of stuff
  • Watching: cinema movies, TV, DVD's,net vids
  • Playing: KH2.5HD ReMIX;YGO! TF;SoD; DW
  • Eating: home-made, healthy, junk food
  • Drinking: water, coffee, soda, tea
I am SO SO sorry for being this late with a new Journal!
I'll give you a summary of... mostly everything I can think of that I did not inform you during 2014 and up till now.

OK... Well... last year has been one rocky year for me. At some point, I nearly gave up on everything. Thank God, the wonderful people I was surrounded by helped me hold onto my decision tighter, so, for now, I can say I will be working more towards becoming a professional artist.
You all know my ambitions to become an animator, or be a part of the team (frankly, the latter suits me more) - and you all know how that went last year... Hopefully, things'll look better this year. There is either the Faculty of applied arts, or the Studio "Iluzija" - but even if I fail to get into either I'm gonna try working via Internet, maybe even look up an online school or something. Hopefully I'll find a professor for private tutoring too, and I'll work on my own as well (using even the little knowledge I've gained + numerous tutorials; and I'll look up available books too), so there won't be any more dilly-dallying for me.
Never fear though - I won't abandon fan art, sculpting, photography or writing, since people like those works of mine as well (especially the first one - which kinda drives me to get better the most too) and I'll make commissions available (even though I don't get any 'customers'), maybe even requests (I wish I could work on them more - but there's something in that whole 'working for no profit' thing that demotivates me to be serious about them - so I always end up prolonging them, which tortures me as much as my requesters... :/ ... I guess I'll just have to try harder).
... Okay - scratch the 'maybe' - I WILL probably hold requests again, since I need something to practice on. -_-

... On another note - my Premium of one year has finally expired.
It's crazy, lol but every time I get a free Premium my dA activity suddenly drops to barely 30%. It's like some kind of a curse...

As to what I'm doing in the background: along with my normal life (which is getting better :D), I finally got my hands on "Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMIX" (I was the lucky bastard that got the last copy they had at Game-S XD) and I was playing it like MAD these days... Of course, I went with "Birth By Sleep" first (always wanted to start the whole KH franchise with it), and for those of you who haven't played it... I can't tell you how amazing is to just be able to explore the worlds of Disney's classics and step into the so familiar places - like the castles, the cottages; the very rooms the princesses and villains resided... It's like rewatching the movies themselves for the second time! :heart:
Still playing YGO! - I got my hands on Tag Force 1 last year :D - and so far it's awesome, even though it's old (you heard that there's a brand new TF with all the protagonists from the Anime coming out?), and bringing back some good memories from the show I also watched for the first time during the beginning of 2014. :XD:
... I'm in contact with "School of Dragons" still... But haven't been playing Digimon that much. :/

... What else?...
Oh yeah!
Last year it rained like crazy. The country was flooded 2 times, and icy rain kept falling at Winter's beginning, and so much that it froze I think 3/5 of Serbia. :/ The trees cracked apart or fell down from weight, more than a few cables snapped and even the power lines bent like they were made out of cheap plastic! Oo
It's a really scary site in the mountain region - and in the lower level places it was windy as hell.
We had losses of power supply, water and even heating (luckily my hometown wasn't too much in danger, but the villages nearby suffered a lot - and a town near us was without all 3 for about 13 days!), but, thankfully - there weren't victims. Everything's OK now... though the agriculture is gonna suffer the most. :/
... On the brighter side - after the rain stopped, Jack Frost finally payed us a proper visit and we had snow during both New Year's Eve and Christmas. :D
It's all melted now though. :XD:

... I finally got back in contact with some old friends, :aww: and payed Belgrade a visit - and finally met my real live roommate (I hope she doesn't read this XD).
Found some cool discs, but I'm still saving for "Kingdom Hearts III" and PS4, so I was a Scrooge all year long. :XD:
Also, I'm currently waiting for the releases from November to come to the cinema here.

... As for my fandoms - Nigsea and I decided to actually continue the collab we had started and redo our mistakes. It's gonna be a process. lol
Currently I'm watching Nickelodeon's TMNT, YGO! Arc-V, and some old 2D animated shows I found online - "Peter Pan and the Pirates" and "The New Adventures Of Kimba The White Lion". Oh - and in spare time I started watching... *drumroll* .... "Dragon Ball Kai". :XD: Yes, believe it or not, I'm watching it! :D

... I am still and probably will be, off a lot on dA - but that's because I keep checking my e-mail, tumblr, etc... I get over 3,000 messages per day, so you can't blame me. :/ I keep jumping from one site to the next! lol
I can't say I'm not satisfied with it - more activity and more feedback that way - but you guys I should be contacting (and those reading this from outside dA too) I'm still neglecting. :/ I'm sorry. :(

Health-wise - I'm still not in top form, and I can't leave my hometown yet, but it's getting better. :) Just a few days ago, two friends of mine and I went for a long walk - and it was around 9 km for me (which is a new record lol), and I didn't even get sore muscles after that, so it's a miracle! XD (Thank God - I can still count on my legs.)

... And, to wrap it up (since I can't think of anything else to say :XD:) - I have no expectations for this year at all, but I'm gonna go with the flow and work on my own. Who knows "what's around the riverbend" and I'm sure some changes are going to occur for sure. :D

Well - till next time~! :D

(Here's a video for you for being a good sport and reading this till the end: ;D)

Jessica On Top Of A Rock by BillieJean485
Jessica On Top Of A Rock
Started her two days ago, and finished her today. Well... finished. I'll probably make alterations if I find a way to make the drawing looks better.
I need to practice drawing rocks... :no:
Hope you like~!

(You can find more works of my OC Jessica here:… .
Critiques are welcome! (Just no flaming!))
And completely this time. (My stomach just acted up again and I'm worn out from everything altogether.)
I need rest. I won't try to be active.

See you soon~!
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