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For whatever reason you find worthy. :D
But if it's for using it to ask me to do something for you later, forget about it.
Personally, I'd use it for the point commissions or on any way to improve the dA experience for both you and me.

(lol And do ignore the number (if you can see it). :XD: I tried typing '0', but it told me it was invalid, so I typed in numerous '9's - and it turned into this!
Looks like there are no infinite donations. lol)

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Toph x Zuko in my dream last night. Totally did not see that one coming! :XD:
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Hey guys!
Sorry for taking so much time to make that new Journal I asked about. lol
I wasn't feeling very well for the past 8 days or so, but things are much better now. That, and, I took on a task to feed the strays in our street, as well as entertain what's left of the old pack of 5 pups and their mom which I've been baby-sitting. lol
Well, where to start...
I know I told you I found a professor that's going to prepare me for the entry exam on Faculty of Applied arts, and I was catching up to what I missed during whole January and February (when I was sick)... Things are going smoothly and I did my first painting with acrylics (I've yet to upload it) - the first painting I did in about 10 years I think... There's going to be an exhibition of our works from the classes in September, and I will start practicing at that time with full speed. In the meantime, I'm preparing materials for work at home; but - as I've mentioned... I've been a little side-tracked... ^^;
First, the neighbor's hunting dog had her first litter, and after they turned a month old, Lara (the mom) gave me a role of the nanny. :XD: Not that I minded though. :D However, the puppies needed new homes and all but one male are gone. It was kind of a shock when I found out he was giving them away, but I think I got over it. In the end, I ended up bonding with their mom a lot - to that extent that she even tried following me when I was going to the shop one day.
After that, somebody dumped a female pup in our neighborhood. She was practically unnoticed for two weeks, and then the problems started. Nobody wanted her in their yard, and neighbors' dogs have been playing rather roughly with her, so they almost took her yet to another place. Thank God, the Society for animal welfare in our town reacted at our plea, and they put up her photos online. Also, my folks softened up after seeing how much effort we were giving to save her (mainly I and the kids, but that led to another unfortunate turn of events...), and now she mainly stays in our yard, and gets her meals regularly. Yet, I hope somebody will still take her in - you all know from my constant complaining that I can't rely on my own health, and my parents simply don't want another dog nor a stray - so it would be really nice if somebody were to adopt her and dedicate himself to her entirely. She's so skinny though... Could be parasites...
Anyway, they agreed that she gets the name Masha. She's finally starting to react when we call her. :) Who knows - maybe her lucky star will shine and she'll end up being with us for good... although even I personally doubt it.
Other than that - nothing really new. My friends are going to kill me, because I haven't been away from the house for an entire week. I need to get some other stuff done as well, and then I'll hit the road with dad again, and we're gonna bring my PC from Belgrade home. Since I will be staying for another year, why not? And this old wreck of a PC my parents have can barely run any application online (I guess it's enough to tell you I can't upgrade it to anything other than Windows XP for you to get what I mean).
I need to finish that work with Terra, and then do some homework the professor gave me, and also continue the work on the collab with Nigsea.
Oh yeah!
I have to tell you this, though you won't believe it: :D I finally succumbed and started watching "Avatar" and "The Legend of Korra". XD I don't have any fan art in mind yet, but it could happen... :D
As for the thing with the kids... Well... The boy and the girl that are 8 and 5 somehow thought I could be someone who can hang out with them, and that they can play with me, so.... Don't even ask. -___- This Friday was Friday the 13th for me.
And the last thing - since I mentioned 'strays', but told you of only one, I need to bring up Becky - the grownup female stray that's about the size of a chihuahua. She's the timidest dog I've ever seen, but now I can't make her stop following me. :XD: At least she, Masha, Lara and Crni (meaning 'Black' in translation - the last pup left out of the litter) are now close friends and play like they're all puppies. :D
I'm happy with animals around me. And I don't mind nor dislike children - but only those that are well-behaved. I can literally handle a whole pack that misbehaves a lot better than just a few kids that do.
I hope that won't determine what kind of a mother I'll be one day. :XD: But, that's another story that has yet to tell itself... :D
So, buh-bye for now everybody! And till next upload~! ;)
  • Mood: Optimism
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  • Reading: lots of stuff! :P
  • Watching: TV, net vids, cinema movies, DVDs
  • Playing: KH II.5HDReMIX;YGO!GX TF;SoD;fb games
  • Eating: home-made, healthy and junk food
  • Drinking: water, tea, soda
Is anybody actually interested in reading a Journal regarding where I've been and what have I been doing all this time while off dA? Or I shouldn't even bother? (Srsly - I'm not too much in the mood to make it - even less if no one's gonna read it. :hmm:
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: favs, random, radio
  • Reading: lots of stuff! :P
  • Watching: TV, net vids, cinema movies, DVDs
  • Playing: KH II.5HDReMIX;YGO!GX TF;SoD;fb games
  • Eating: home-made, healthy and junk food
  • Drinking: water, tea, soda
Yo! :D
I know it's been a long time and no new Journal or update on my life, but I seriously didn't either want or know how to put that thing up.
So - since I'm back and roaming through dA, I came across this on both :iconcrazybadluck: and :iconkyuubi83256:'s Journals, and decided to tag myself. :XD:
Here Goes! :D

This was created by Mr.Pr1993 

Here, you need to ask your own OC the questions that are listed here:
(This time, I'm gonna go with the newest OC I have yet to introduce to dA: since I guess many... or some of you know about me always having 'partners in crime' in the World of the Crazy Clerk (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is the best place to go and start educating yourself:…), I decided to create an OC just for that purpose. He's a Wood Elf (his looks will remind you of Link for sure, but I doubt they have very much in common) and laid-back but in search of good adventures. For more on him - read beneath. =P )

1. Hello! What's your name?
- Arrow.
Sparrow-Arrow some call me.

2. What's your favorite thing?
- Talking to birds.

3. What's your favorite character?
- Favorite character?...
... Hmm....
I don't think I have one yet.

4. The least?
- Don't have one either.

5. What do you can't stand on DA?
- You mean...?.......
Oh, never mind...
I can't stand submissions that are too explicit or offensive.

6. What are your abilities?
- Abilities?...
I understand animals and can talk to some, I'm good at making potions and pretty good with a bow and an arrow, if you can call that an ability.

7. Favorite food?
- Mushrooms and special leaves that grow only in my homeland - and are a fantastic snack.

8. Have you killed anyone?
- Nooo.... Oo

9. Are you hero, or villain?
- ...
I don't think I fit into either category yet.
Don't wanna be a villain though.

10. If you had met a genie from a lamp, what do you would wish?
- "What do you..."?...
Probably nothing - and show them to BillieJean485 right away.

11. Favorite drink?
- Fresh spring water.

12. Friends
- ...
BillieJean485, Effervescent Doom - the pony; Goldy, Rose, Spike and Tomcat - the dragons; Coyi the plush wolf...
... And I guess all of BJ485 friends from the fictional realm are mine too.

13. Family?
- Other members of the Wood Elf Clan.
But E.D. is turning into a part of my family too.

14. Have a pie! *pies the character with a pie that contains the character's favorite flavor*
- !!!! *completely shocked when hit*
.... *does nothing as it slides from his face to his arms; keeps standing and staring there for a while; then licks what's left of it on his face*
... Hm.

15. Have a bad habit?
- I tend to wander off... *scratches the back of his head unpleasantly*

16. What do you do to kill time?
- Practically anything I could think of!
It's so
boooring here at the moment.... >.>

17. Who is your favorite hero?
- Favorite hero?
Haven't met any so far. Or read about...

18. If you won a billion dollars, what do you react?
- "HOW WOULD you react?" would be the proper question.
And dollars are worthless to me - I'd give them to Bj485.

19. What do you no like?
- ... -.-
*mutters* ... I am starting to dislike bad grammar....
But other than that - anything that threatens to disrupt the balance of any world.

20. Ever always wanted to do something with your most hateful foe?
- I don't have a foe.
At least not yet (I'm pretty sure BJ485 will come up with something for us sooner or later)...

21. Favorite animal?
- Hawk.

22. Favorite video game?
- V-?...............
Never played any.

23. Want me to end this meme?
- Sure, if you want.

24. Really?
- *a little annoyed* Yes.

25. Then tag someone before you leave
- .....
I taaaag......
Nigsea and Yusenair.
*to them* You don't have to do it if you don't want to.

... That was it.
Sorry if it turned out... a bit boring. -__- It sounded better in my head.
Oh well.
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: favs, random, radio
  • Reading: lots of stuff! :P
  • Watching: TV, net vids, cinema movies, DVDs
  • Playing: KH II.5HDReMIX; YGO!GX TF; SoD
  • Eating: home-made, healthy and junk food
  • Drinking: water, tea, soda, juice
I hope you guys haven't forgotten about the collaboration between Nigsea and I... =P

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: favs, random, radio
  • Reading: lots of stuff
  • Watching: TV, net vids, cinema movies, DVDs
  • Playing: KH II.5HDReMIX;YGO!GX TF;SoD;fb games
  • Eating: home-made, healthy and junk food
  • Drinking: water, tea, soda
A Piece Of Evidence... by BillieJean485
A Piece Of Evidence...
Well lookie here.
Guess now I know why the temperature dropped for 10°C in the last 48 hours...
Jenna (drawing practice) by BillieJean485
Jenna (drawing practice)
As usual - the scanner killed the colors. And my attempt to restore them... did not go well. -__-
This was just a coloring and drawing practice, and............ oh well. I won't give you my usual the 'I-don't-like-what-I-did' drill.
But I am still such a rookie... -________-
The Oldies by BillieJean485
The Oldies
Finally, I present thee a finished version of this WIP:….
I've forgotten how many hours I've spent on it, but it's probably over 8.
First time I did a black charcoal on paper.
I like the result - or at least the iron, bottle and the outside of the basket. I'm still not good with drapery, and the last two hours I've spent on drawing this were kinda did in a hurry.
... I'm not sure about the exact size of the drawing, but it should be A3x2.
Hope you like it - this is the first drawing I did with the help of the professor only at the very beginning, and just that, by all rights, is a success to me.
The Neverland Protector by BillieJean485
The Neverland Protector
Well, say "Hello" to another of my old designs! =P
I came up with this winged wolfish creature 12 years ago (and I think this is the first time I actually colored her). It is connected to my old fanfic, but I won't say anymore on it now. ;P I just had an itch to draw her (actually, I just wanted to do a concept design of her back and opened wings, but I ended up making a whole piece :D).
Hope you likey~!
Still Life Drawing WIP by BillieJean485
Still Life Drawing WIP
Dunno how to name this... lol
Work right from the art class! =P I'll replace it with the finished version and move this to scraps once I'm done with it (which should be tomorrow)...
Oh - drawn with charcoal btw.
Here's the finished drawing:…
Fox's Peter Pan (my first try) by BillieJean485
Fox's Peter Pan (my first try)
My new old obsession! :XD:
Well, you probably know that I've been a Peter Pan fan since the first time I saw/heard about him - and I've stumbled upon Fox Kid's TV show of "Peter Pan and the Pirates" about... half a year ago?
I totally dig his looks - and I turned out to like that version of him more than the Disney's - especially because he is more true to J.M. Barrie's play and books.
Anyway - this is just a rough sketch. I finally got his face and expression right, but gonna have to work more on those legs... >_>
... Dunno if I'll post more on him soon. Even my 'free-time-schedule' is full... -.-
Horse by BillieJean485
Something's really wrong with it's front legs. :hmm: And the hooves seem too big...



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