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Entered the "Hachiko" patience learning program.
Yeah, I didn't know it existed myself - I just discovered it.

Hello DeviantARTists - and the rest of you peeps outside and around the Globe!
I thought it was high time to honor you and me with a new Journal.

I don't even remember what was the last thing I wrote to you about. So I guess I have to start from the top...
Concerning my preparations for the Faculty of Applied Arts - I've been on a break since.... the start of December I think. And I really needed it too - it was sucking my motivation for arts like you wouldn't believe. I ended up going through all of my occupation options, as well as calling it quits and looking for a job.
The thing is, the art I needed to devote myself to 100% was just still life, drawing models, painting still life, and drawing only with pen and ink. And the topics were particularly dull for me, as I've got used to drawing life, not dead things, or those that don't move. Even the texts for illustrations (taken from books) weren't close to satisfactory. And with that... I started feeling choked of a sort.
Anyway, now, 2,5 months later, I realized that I'd have to devote myself to both that and the type of art I'm used to doing and balance them. If it makes me prolong the period of my getting into the Faculty again - it can't be helped - otherwise I might not get in it at all.
CD : [more HTTYD OST... =P]
Other than that, I decided I am going to hit the road with my dad and dog and spend more time in nature, because my health is begging for it.
And mentioning my dog - I know I said that we were going to give her away, but that is thankfully in the past now. She grew on us completely, and we managed to work things out with her needs for activity (mainly my dad did, with the start of longer walks with her). Who knows how things are going to go after I move out - but that is in the future.
... Game wise, I've been playing Kingdom Hearts (trying to collect Trophies) and School of Dragons mostly (you can find me as Ethelwolf there if you're playing on the same server), but that changed since a High School friend of mine managed to make me start playing WoW. If anyone's been following me on Facebook (though I doubt) - that's why I was away. :XD:
That reminds me - I had a huge struggle with computers for the past few months. First my parents' old configuration for their PC was driving me nuts, and I had to take it to get repairs several times; then my dad got my own PC back from Belgrade, and the troubles continued. The graphic card died, the new system was malfunctioning... so the computer service people and I pretty much started to get to know each other well. XD Thankfully, it's been weeks since the last time I went there, and I sure do hope it's the last too.
As for my fanbase... Nigsea got me into "Miraculous Ladybug". Unfortunately, that was also a start with something long abandoned in our collabs... and the start of all sorts of new troubles. -.- Mainly Ralph, the OC whose sketches I uploaded recently.
That finally brings up my World of the Crazy Clerk. I've been writing about it for months and so far wrote an astounding number of pages. It was practically my continuation of everything that happened since Nigsea and I stopped with our collab. And if you think that refers to the last chapter of "Truth or Dare 2" - you're dead wrong.
TDOTCC: Truth Or Dare 2 - pt.15(...)
ME: *her cell phone rings*
Just a moment guys...

*goes out of the room*
*by the door* Hello?
... What?.............. What?!?............
.... You have got to be kidding me!....

*ends the call*
YORI: ...?
CARLY: What happened?
YORI: Hope nothing bad...
ME: It's worse than bad!
Jaden fell into the canal in the end and they can't find him!

YUSEI: Did they call the rescuers?
ME: Yes, they have!
But it's gonna take a lot of time and effort in finding him - the canal is just too long! Not to mention it's completely dark down there!

CROW: We better go down there and help them!
*others start getting up*
YORI: *sighs*
*gets up with the others*
ME: *as others go around to get their clothes* ... Oh, Yori!
I'll give you one of my aunts coats. They're warm enough.

And Kiryu... *looking at him*
KIRYU: Just give me that long win

That was merely the beginning of things, and what we both made so far is barely like that x 100 in length. Will it ever reach the public? Only God knows for sure, because just uploading a new chapter takes over a month.
Anyway, my new adventures started mostly with Korra ("The Legend of Korra"), and have now been taken to Berk ("How To Train Your Dragon"), because I have a new wing of dragons that need battle training. However, like I said - everything went on pause because of Nigsea's and mine new endeavor. I wanted to upload 'teasers' from the Diary of the Crazy Clerk, but I don't know if I'll manage to do that now.
Well.... I think that's about it. Nothing worth bringing up here happened. Or, I probably forgot as usual.
... Nope, that's it.

I won't make any promises as to when I'll upload anything new, be it a Journal or a normal submission.
Keep checking my Facebook page though!… If I do get anything up anytime soon, it'll be there first.
Talk to you later guys~!
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Ralph by BillieJean485
Nigsea's OC, Raphael Rinaldi (if I got the surname right...)
... I didn't get the pendant right though - it should be round...
(I'm having problems with my scanner, so - correcting the mistake is too much work right now... lol)
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  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: favs, random, radio
  • Reading: lots of stuff
  • Watching: TV, net vids, cinema movies, DVDs
  • Playing: KH II.5 HD ReMIX; SoD; fb games; YGO! GX TF
  • Eating: home-made, healthy and junk food
  • Drinking: water, juices, vitamins, tea…

... Also - if you want to contact me via Skype, my username is the same: billiejean485.
Don't try to call me though - I will only accept texts.
Also, I won't add anyone to my contacts unless there is a real need for that other than idle chat or if you're not my deviantART Friend.
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  • Listening to: favs, random, radio
  • Reading: lots of stuff
  • Watching: TV, net vids, cinema movies, DVDs
  • Playing: KH II.5 HD ReMIX; SoD; fb games; YGO! GX TF
  • Eating: home-made, healthy and junk food
  • Drinking: water, juices, vitamins, tea
Bee sketch WIP by BillieJean485
Bee sketch WIP
... Guess who's back in the game! :D
It's been quite a while. I haven't drawn anything for myself all this time. All of it was work, work, work... And it ended with me being sick with it. So I decided to screw full preparation for the entry exam, 'cause I plainly can't take it. Don't get me wrong - I will still work on it, but I'll take more free time to draw and do what I want. Just a month ago I was so fed up I wanted to quit... Guess some things can't be pushed that far, huh?
Anyway - this is the result of me spending all my free time on Transformers. XD Whoever followed my faving knows when it all started... lol
I give you Bee, =P "Transformers: Prime" style. Somehow, that style seemed most appealing to me - aside from the movies (which, truth be told, I don't dislike even half as much as I should). No idea when I'll finish him. And I need a lot of work on vehicle/robot based drawings, since it's all about perspective with them.
... If anyone is wondering why Bee of all - it's a secret. =P lol :XD: Big Grin 
Hey guys!
New challenges in life bumping me up and down. I'm giving my dog away; medical treatments increased, but not severely; the computers are sucking the life energy from me; and I'm still on that quest with Korra. lol
Let's just say that I'm trying a new approach to look on things. I dunno what's gonna happen next year, or if I'll manage to get into Applied Arts even if I do prepare well. Constant failures in things I love make me wonder if I'll ever get anything right, or if I'll get to the end of anything I dream of. I know - no one knows for sure and it's on us to try, but... things just aren't looking neither positive or negative right now. :/ The only thing I am satisfied with is that at least I have talent, and I am making some progress with everything, no matter how small.
My social life is taking a beating right now the most, and I pray to God I do not lose the friends I have. :(
As for the things I mentioned... Masha, the dog we rescued from the street, turned out to be too much of a handful. Her high energy was hard to control, but I'm managing somehow now, after a few tips I scavenged from the Internet. However... when I leave, she'll be left with my parents, and frankly, they don't have either the will nor the time/energy for her. So I really think she needs a better home. :( Who knows when will I get the chance to get to train her on my own - IF I do at all...
... My parents' PC is still freezing after being repaired, and the graphic card is about to die, so I switched to the netbook. And you know how netbooks are... -___- Also, I can't go to Belgrade to fetch my own PC yet, because Masha will undergo a surgery soon (getting neutered). So I'll have to thicken my nerves with slow and malfunctioning computers... Just the other day, I discovered the tablet wouldn't work! That was the last straw, I swear!... But it's working somehow now...
My overall health...
Oh hell. I'll just skip that...
I guess I was venting out somehow in the World of the Crazy Clerk, but even that was a bumpy ride. Pushing the limits of one's imagination can get scary. lol The Avatar has no idea what I'm doing either, so we're working it out together.
I won't say on what kind of a quest we're on, but it's in the "Avatar" world, and we're on a trip right now. Just her and me, and our animal friends we can ride on. It's the first time I ever ventured into a world from some franchise, rather than stick to my own. Also, it's the first time I traveled with anyone, not to mention Korra. I still have no idea how I warmed up to her in the first place - TLoK is still not among my fav shows or anything, nor are it's characters. But, I learned that I do click with such charas for some reasons (like with Jack, Crow and Carly for example - my original roommies). So I went with the flow.
So far so good - Korra might turn into a close friend. And if you're wondering about her using her bending skills around me - yeah, you probably got it right. I'm being beaten like a rag-doll. lol
I might upload some of that new stuff I wrote here, since Nigsea gave me her approval to take a break from the collab, but dunno when will that happen.
... Other than that, nothing new about me.
Oh wait! I dunno if I forgot to mention on dA, but they're playing the dub version translated to Serbian of 5D's and - while I'm overall hating the dub itself :XD: - I am ENJOYING listening to those epic bickering moments between the gang. And the voice actor for Jack got his chara 100%! :D
Other than that, not watching anything new, and I'm avoiding the net videos. Awesome movies on TV right now, and in HD. Oh, and I caught the premiere of "Pan" in my hometown. Might do the same for "Hotel Transylvania 2" in a few days...

Well, that's it. Hope you're having better time than me! ;P
Don't be strangers, and come over to talk if you have time. ;) I'm here.
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ME: *her cell phone rings*
Just a moment guys...

*goes out of the room*
*by the door* Hello?
... What?.............. What?!?............
.... You have got to be kidding me!....

*ends the call*
YORI: ...?
CARLY: What happened?
YORI: Hope nothing bad...
ME: It's worse than bad!
Jaden fell into the canal in the end and they can't find him!

YUSEI: Did they call the rescuers?
ME: Yes, they have!
But it's gonna take a lot of time and effort in finding him - the canal is just too long! Not to mention it's completely dark down there!

CROW: We better go down there and help them!
*others start getting up*
YORI: *sighs*
*gets up with the others*
ME: *as others go around to get their clothes* ... Oh, Yori!
I'll give you one of my aunts coats. They're warm enough.

And Kiryu... *looking at him*
KIRYU: Just give me that long winter jacket of yours - I'll run to my home and get changed.
ME: Okay. *goes to get it*
CROW: ... What about the flash lights?
YUSEI: We'll get those from our garage.
Let's just get going!
YORI: *nods* We're taking Tomcat, too, right?
JACK: It's probably best if we leave that beast here. *says closing the wardrobe in the corridor* Here. *hands the coat to Yori*
YORI: *takes the coat* But he can look for him from the air, can't he? *puts jacket on*
JACK: That yearling isn't trained enough to do that.
*I come out of my room with the jacket* We'd be stuck looking for both of them!
ME: *hands it to Kiryu*
KIRYU: *takes it on*
Okay, I'll see you down by the river!
*runs out the door*
ME: Okay...
Everybody set?

*others approve*
Let's go then!

(it's about a ten minutes walk to there, plus-minus another 5-7 to stop by the garage...)
*down at the river*
*Aporia and Sasha are by the canal; rescuers can be seen downstream*
SASHA: *spotting us* Great, you came!
ME: Did you manage to do anything?
SASHA: Magna and Jack are searching the area; there's just no sight of him.
YORI: Where exactly did he fall? And how long ago?
SASHA: *showing* Somewhere downstream from here, not too long ago.
The current isn't too fast, but the water is deep.
There were just a few splashes and a call for help, and after that - just silence.
I'm guessing he's not a good swimmer.

ME: :( (Sad) We don't freakin' know!
YORI: *mutters* Calculating the velocity of the current he should be close by...
APORIA: That's what we thought, but we just can't find him anywhere!
ME: *thinking*
*to herself* How did he end up here; we just passed the buss station?...
... He must have wandered off somehow...
YORI: ... :/ Guess we must just look for any sign of him.
YUSEI: *to others* Let's try getting to the other bank.
*run off*
ME: :/ ... Guess we'll stay looking around here.
*as we start to walk*
SASHA: .... Wait. You mentioned the buss station - what does that have to do with anything?
YORI: ... *trying to think back* ... He mentioned it, did he? *unsure*
ME: The only way of going back downtown is either with a buss or a taxi.
It's too long for walking.....

APORIA: ... Didn't you ask him to take Tomcat and Coyi for a walk?
ME: Yeah, but it's been over half an hour since he came back from the walk.
SASHA: *stops, looking blankly at me*
Come again? *skeptically, frowning*
ME: He came back from the walk with Coyi and Tomcat, wreaked havoc at the apartment, and then he went off home.
SASHA: ......
*facepalms herself*
YORI: What is it, Sasha?
SASHA: *frustrated* Your 'not too long ago' and my 'not too long ago' didn't match - that's it.
ME: ?
SASHA: We heard that call almost over an hour ago, and *to me* you're saying he was back at the apartment after that - even if he DID fell into the river, he got out after it...
ME: ... Well, he did say his clothes were wet--............
I'm going to kill that...... >w< *does not say it*
YORI: -___- *groans frustrated too* ...
.... *sighs* ....No point getting angry now...
MAGNA: *comes flying down*
No sight of him downstream.
SASHA: Call off the search party.
MAGNA: ... Why?!?
YORI: 'Cause he isn't missing.... -___-
MAGNA: *confused*
SASHA: He was back at the apartment after we heard him scream, safe and sound.
And he went home about half an hour ago.

MAGNA: *can't let it all in*
*gets his feet on the ground*
APORIA: *sighs* I'll go and tell the search party it was a false call.
*to Magna* You go and find Jack.
*starts to leave*
MAGNA: *still not moving*
SASHA: ... I'll go and try to find the others.
MAGNA: *with a blank expression, takes off after a few moments*
YORI: ... What a troublemaker. *sighs* ...
I have to admit though that I'm glad it was a false alarm...
ME: Me too...
KIRYU: *from the distance* Hey!
*running up; in a more regular clothes, similar to ones he wears*
Did you find anything?
(We were standing near the canal's bank - and it's, like, all flat, then just where the river starts, there's a sudden, maybe a meter high, drop.)
YORI: False alarm.
ME: We found out that Jaden is somewhere between here and the center of the city, not drowning in the water.
KIRYU: ... *'jawdropped'*
YORI: Close that mouth something might go inside it. *chuckles and gives him a flirty smile*
*goes and stands in front of him*
KIRYU: *shakes head, small smile appearing*
ME: *looks downstream, at where Aporia and Magna went, as well as a lot of people searching the river*
YORI: *glances around making sure that the guys aren't back* I'll probably go look for Mizaki in a little while... *looks up to him* Can I come visit you when I get back?
KIRYU: Get back?
What do you mean get back?
YORI: I said it before... I have to to Greece tomorrow. *looks down a little* ... I'll be back in a few days, a week tops though... so.. *looks up to him* Can I?
KIRYU: Here? Sure. *smiles gently*
YORI: *smiles back and put her arms around his neck, whilst he puts his hands on both sides of her waist in return* I want a farewell gift. *playful smile* ... Guess.
KIRYU: Heh. Well, I can't say I don't know what it is.
*keeps smiling at her, prolonging it intentionally*
YORI: *realizes he's doing it on purpose* Y'know, I'm kinda looking forward to meeting all those male models... I know a few who have always been nice to me. *trying to make him jealous*
KIRYU: *chuckles* That won't work on me. *still same smile, not too sly though*
YORI: Oh? What makes you so sure? *raises an eyebrow*
KIRYU: I didn't grow jealous with my best friend - why would I give a damn about some random model-guys?
YORI: Because one of those models is my best friend and fiance. *sticks out tongue*
KIRYU: Fiance? *takes it seriously, but still doubting the thought a bit (although not the way Yori wanted him to)*
YORI: Yeah, part of why I'm going there... it was our parents who decided anyway... *smirks* See? It kinda bothers you, right?
KIRYU: *lets her go* If you have a fiance, then what the hell are you doing with me? *serious*
YORI: I told you, our parents decided. He and I have a deal though... That's why I'm going to tell him I found someone whom I lo- someone I really like. *blushes*
KIRYU: ... *not sure if he should react*
YORI: I am serious about you. *touches his cheek* I really am, you have to trust me. *looks pleadingly*
KIRYU: *softens the tone a lil' bit* ... It's not something you ask for. It's something you gain from a person you want to trust you.
YORI: I won't betray you. *hugs him* .... *sad tone* Sorry, I overdid it again... I just wanted you to kiss me already... *blushes*
KIRYU: *chuckles*
*looking down on her, smiling* What's so great about a kiss anyway?
YORI: *blushes harder* I can't help it... I really like that feeling... *looking away* ... I won't force you if you don't want to though. *turns around ready to leave*
KIRYU: *keeps looking at her calmly*
YORI: Goodbye... *starts leaving*
KIRYU: ... *stays the same*
YORI: *grabs her phone*
*to the person in the phone* Mizaki! I need you, come pick me up... By the riverbank, thanks...
KIRYU: *sighs lightly, but more like he's in the middle of something more fun than depressing*
YORI: ... *fidgety*
KIRYU: *still watching Yori*
ME: *hearing nothing but silence, glances turning around*
YORI: ... *looking around hoping to see Mizaki*
*sighs sadly*
ME: *decides to leave things be*
YORI: *mutters to herself sadly* I guess the one he liked was really her.... not me.
KIRYU: *still watching her calmly; patiently waiting for her to turn around*
YORI: *starts turning her head to glance at Kiryu one last time but quickly looks ahead again*
*shakes her head* ... No... I won't...
KIRYU: ....
YORI: *puts her hair out of hair face as a breeze makes a mess of it*
*turns around and glares at Kiryu* Give me back my hair bands! *going towards him*
KIRYU: *suddenly loosing his calmness a bit*
*remembers* ... I... left them inside the pocket of the clothes that are left drying on the radiators.
YORI: *groans*
*sarcastically* Great. *starts leaving again*
KIRYU: *goes back to the same state again*
YORI: *starts playing with her hair trying to keep it in places* .... *pouting*
*grabs phone again* Mizaki? Hurry up please... No, I'm not upset! *clearly upset though* ... *hangs up*
*groans of displeased people are heard downstream*
* Yori looks towards the echo of groans* .... *sighs* .... u__u
KIRYU: *beginning to feel she's really not gonna turn around*
*but still stays as calm as he can*
*Aporia's voice's heard through the air*
YORI: *looks down as a tear falls down her cheek*
*turns around quickly and wipes it off before the others might notice her*
YORI: *starts sobbing softly*
KIRYU: *almost heartbroken when he hears her cry, but still does not move nor loses his composure*
YORI: *mutters* ... If you were me, *still sobbing* what would you do I wonder...
ME: *oblivious to her surroundings* Hey guys, *to the two of of them, but not really looking their way* I'm gonna go and help Aporia downstream! And send poor Jack home! *walks fast down the path*
YORI: ... *trying to clear her throat so her voice won't betray her* S-sure. *slightly hoarse*
KIRYU: ..... *almost loses it and calls her*

*voices of others coming from the side opposite than where I went off are heard in the distance again*
YORI: *to Kiryu, not looking at him* ... Perhaps this is for the best.... because I can't seem to let go of my pride and you... apparently the one you like is not me..
KIRYU: *firmly* Yori!
YORI: .... *does not move*
KIRYU: *keeping his stance*
YORI: *sighs lightly as she stops sobbing*
*sees a car pass by*
*sighs again since it's not the one she's waiting for*
*voices coming nearer*
KIRYU: *bares teeth, wanting to do something, but not really able to do it* ...
*another car passes and stops a little ways away*
*a person comes out*
MIZAKI: Yori-chan! *waves*
YORI: *looks up to him a little startled* Miza-nii!
KIYRU: *feels like he just lost a fight* ... *sighs and keeps a steady gaze on the two people before him*
MIZAKI: *goes over to her* Are you alright? *worries*
YORI: *nods* ... I will be.
MIZAKI: *looks a little puzzled then looks at Kiryu* ...Yori-
YORI: I want to go home ... *sounds like she's about to cry*
MIZAKI: *looks tenderly at her and put his arms around her shoulder* ...Yori...what happened?
KIRYU: *closes his eyes for a moment*
YORI: ... Nothing...
MIZAKI: *grabs her by her shoulder and looks steadily at her* It's not 'nothing'. *releases her and sighs* Look, if it has to do with that guy *points at Kiryu* better deal with it now. You have to say what you think, if you don't others will never know... Now, go and solve whatever the problem is. *turns her around and pushes her gently towards Kiryu*
YORI: ... *looks back at Mizaki, while feeling like a kid who has been told to apologize* ... But Miza-nii-
MIZAKI: Go. *points for her to go*
KIRYU: *looks at the ground, defeated*
YORI: *sighs and obeys* ... *walks towards Kiryu and stands in front of him* ..... *doesn't look at him*
*fidgets* ....
KIRYU: *not looking at her, but not avoiding to do it either* .....
YORI: ..... What do... *more firmly* ... what do you want? *looking away from him* You said you couldn't trust me... so how...? How can I gain your trust?... I am not Cindy who just smiles and everyone likes her and trusts her. I'm not kind as her. *bitterly* I am not her... never will be... *trying to fight back the tears*
KIRYU: *looks at her*
It's not Cindy I'm supposed to.... *trying to find the right words* ....
YORI: *not listening* I really want to hate her... I want to hate her so much. *looks up to him almost like she's gonna cry* But I can't!.... I just don't know what I should do.........
KIRYU: *grabbing her by her arms, holding her firmly, bents down a bit* Yori! *firmly again, trying to snap her out of it*
YORI: *still not looking at him* ... *snorts* ... To think this started just because I wanted to be spoiled by you a little... I guess, I really am too spoiled. *looks down sadly*
KIRYU: *loosens the grip* ...
YORI: Sorry but... I will never be able to be like her... *looks down* ... and she only has eyes for Yusei... If I could I would try to make her like you.... *her voice starts breaking*
KIRYU: *straightens himself; calmly looking down on her, letting her face it*
YORI: Say something already! *glares at him* I'm telling you I like you, that I'm completely lost and don't know what you want from me. So say something! Tell me if I should give up or something! *hitting him lightly on his chest*
KIRYU: *lets her hit him, kinda liking that though*
YORI: *keeps hitting him* Say something, anything! *looks up to him with tears in her eyes*
KIRYU: ... *looking down gently at her*
*sighs lightly, then thinks of what to say* ...
YORI: *looks down again when she sees the gentle gaze* ... *mutters* I hate you, I hate you, *slightly louder* I hate you, *stops hitting him* why do I have to like you?.... *lets the tears fall down*
KIRYU: ... *smirking while she's hitting him*
*as she begins to cry; in a low voice, a bit teasingly* ... I don't know. I'm kinda asking myself the same question...
YORI: *looks up to him confused* Eh? *tears stop*
KIRYU: ... *pretending he didn't say anything*
YORI: *timidly* ...What did you say? *looks with hope in her eyes*
KIRYU: ... *bends down a little again; says in a voice that only she can hear* ... Just that you're the cutest, sweetest girl I ever met in my entire life.
And you're beautiful with your hair loose.
YORI: *shocked*
*blinks a few times before his words sink in* .... *her face starts flushing once they do*
*looks down extremely embarrassed*
KIRYU: ... *whispers into her ear* ... You're different than Cindy...... Then in a way... you're not.....
... You just need working on yourself a lot more...
YORI: *sadly* ... I know... but I don't know how...
KIRYU: ... Well, you just did a bit...
YORI: *childishly* ... I was frustrated... *pouts*
KIRYU: .... *bursts into laughter, but not too loud*
YORI: *pouts more when he starts laughing* What's so funny?
KIRYU: *was just about to stop laughing, but when he sees her pouting even more, continues to laugh, almost snickering*
YORI: You're cackling like a madman. *points out with a deadpan voice, not pleased with being laughed at*
KIRYU: *slowly stops doing it, having too much fun*
*then looks at her, amused*
Do that again. *says grinning*
YORI: *looks at him confused* Do what?
KIRYU: *points at her* The pouting. *still amused*
YORI: I wasn't pouting! *crosses arms in front of her chest*
*pouts again without noticing*
KIRYU: *grins*
*quickly places both of his hands on each side of her face, then plants a brief, but a bit rough kiss on her pouting lips, and quickly moves away*
YORI: *blushes*
*looks away* ... That's cheating. *pouting*
KIRYU: *does it again, only this time places hands on her shoulders*
YORI: *kisses him back, grabbing his jacket*
OTHERS: *finally coming around the corner, spotting Mizaki, then Yori and Kiryu*
CROW: What are you doing again?!!!
YORI: *ignores Crow and puts her arms around Kiryu's neck bringing him closer, smirking all the while*
KIRYU: *feeling like a caught wild animal*
CROW: ... *jawdropping*
YORI: *stops and smiles at Kiryu* ...
MIZAKI: *from inside the car, honks calling her*
YORI: *turns to the others* Bye guys! *raises her hand in a salute*
*to Kiryu* I'll be seeing you in a few days... *kisses his cheek*
MIZAKI: *honks again*
YORI: Coming!
ME: *just walking in the scene, with Samurai Jack and Magna not too far behind me*
*spots Yori waving and starting to leave* Hey; where are you going?!...
KIRYU: *just as I finish the sentence, Yori turns and accidentally bumps into Kiryu as she's dashing off to where Mizaki's car is parked*
*he looses balance, tripping backwards*
MAGNA: *sees him about to fall of the edge and into the river, quickly takes off into the air*
YORI: *stops when she hears me and looks back*
KIRYU: *falls in with a brief yelp, making a big splash, before Magna manages to catch him*
YORI: *sees and hears Kiryu as he falls* Sweating a little... Sorry! *continues going to the car*
OTHERS: *speechless*
ME: *turns around* Aporia!
APORIA: *somewhere in the distance* ?
ME: Get the men over here; we have one overboard!
MAGNA: *hovering above the water* It's okay! I can get him out! *grabs Kiryu by the hand, when he surfaces*
ME: *turning around again* Never mind!
MAGNA: *gets Kiryu out of the water and puts him down on the grass*
OTHERS: *run up to him*
KIRYU: *shivering madly, teeth bared out of cold and eyes wide open* Jesus!
I think this relationship is going to cost me my life!
YORI: *standing by the car*
*goes back to see Kiryu*
... *to him* Hey, I warned you... you're bound to get hurt with me. *pouts a little* *hugs him* I'll miss you...
KIRYU: *hugs her back* Oh come now. You're gonna get all wet.
YORI: Doesn't matter...
KIRYU: *lets her go to get his drenched coat off; guys hand him theirs for him to warm up at least a bit*
... *points at her* This is the payback for the shower, just so you know!
YORI: *blinks* Not fair! I didn't do it on purpose.
KIRYU: And I didn't throw you into the bathtub by yourself - I went in with you!
JACK: Oh, will you two just stop acting like kids?!
YORI: *sighs* You're one to talk. *to Jack*
KIRYU: *sighs*
It's okay Yori. We'll settle this another time.
YORI: *smirks* Of course. Hey, you're really dripping with good looks. *kisses his cheek* Later.
KIRYU: *smiles as he watches her leave, although still shivering*
OTHERS: *watch Yori go too*
YORI: *gets in the car and gives the guys a brief glance before the car leaves*
SOME OF US: *wave goodbye*
YORI: Thank you, Mizaki. *while seeing the guys wave*
OTHERS: *watching the car going out of sight*
ME: Well this was one crazy day.
KIRYU: *still shivering*
ME: *to him* We better get you home fast.
MAGNA: I'll take care of it! *jumps up in the air and offers a hand to Kiryu*
KIRYU: ... *thinks for a moment*
*looks at me* My clothes - is it okay if-...
ME: No problem Kiryu.
KIRYU: *nods a thank you, then takes Magna's hand, and the Digi takes off with him, getting him onto his back*
OTHERS: *watching them leave*
JACK: ... What a Casanova!
CROW: He never acted like that.
What the heck came over him?
*the vehicle with the rescuers passes by*
*Aporia joins the group*
ME: Sorry about all the trouble guys.
I didn't think it would go like this.

JACK: u.u Hm.
There's always trouble whenever we get someone new join the group.

ME: She's not even... someone like you... *to all of them*
ATEMU: ... What do you mean?
ME: She's... not my OC or a character I write about like you...
Gah - it's too complicated, and it's late!
I'll explain it to you tomorrow.

SASHA: Okay, then let's head home.
CROW: Yeah, I'm tired.
OTHERS: ....

ME: ...
*to Samurai Jack* I'm sorry we made you stay for the Truth or Dare.
S. JACK: It's alright.
One should always work on his patience.

APORIA: Yeah, but I believe yoga would have been much more effective in your case.
S. JACK: *chuckles*
ME: <:/
I'm sorry - you, Yusei and Aporia were probably bored out of your minds.
APORIA: Oh we'll live.
JACK: Let's just get going.
ME: Okay.
But I have a feeling it won't end just with this.

JACK: *as he starts to leave* Like it ever does!
ME: Heh heh heh. XD
*others start walking too*
JACK: ... We're stuck with you in this crazy world...
... Probably until you leave it yourself...

ME: ... *sighs*
*going through the streets*
ME: ... I just don't know what happened today.
Guess there's more to this world then I imagined.

YUSEI: ....
As expected of anything - there's always so much more then what meets the eye.

ME: *just looking at him*
... I guess it's evolving somehow, in it's own way...
ATEMU: ..... As long as it keeps going down it's own right path, it has it's meaning and worth.
ME: Yeah, I believe you're right...

*sighs* Am I going to have to sleep for days on this!
CARLY: *enthusiastically* Maybe even more!
ME: *shakes head while looking at the sky*
Not to mention Kiryu!
He's gonna be a handful after this.

JACK: Oh, he'll work his way out of it! One way or another.
ME: ... I just hope it won't make my world collapse!...

*the group continues going back to the garage and the apartment*
TDOTCC: Truth Or Dare 2 - pt.15
BillieJean485 Ladies and gentlemen, we give you - the last part of the "Truth or Dare 2"! :D (Big Grin)
Also - the ending of a new beginning. XD
Nigsea: At long last...the conclusion! After 3 years!
BillieJean485: We hope you like what we shared here with you, :) and that you're hoping to set on a new journey of Yori and Kiryu's relationship, because that is what we have next in store for you! :aww:
Nigsea: I think that's it, then, right?
...I don't have anything else to say...
Oh! Wait, you might wonder why Yori suddenly gave Kiryu her back. It was because she's spoiled but also because she was afraid.
BillieJean485: Something I couldn't entirely understand even after 3 years... Guess you could always ask us if you don't get it completely either.
As for Kiryu... his motives are to help Yori as much as he can for her to become more mature. That's why he didn't react when she did what she did.
Nigsea: And that's just the beginning.
BillieJean485: lol
We don't even know where the ending is! :D
Nigsea: lol But true. Anyway, till next time!!
BillieJean485: Wait!! I wanted to rant a little more.
... I don't know about what though. XD
Keep your heads up for the upcoming chapters, and keep checking both my and Nigsea's gallery for them, 'cause we'll keep uploading them as we have so far.
As for my own work on the "Diary of the Crazy Clerk" - don't be too surprised if I upload something that's completely disconnected to this last submission and it's timeline, 'cause I'm still active in my own imaginary world, =P and I'm afraid much has happened since the end of this day here.
As for Nigsea, our collaboration has greatly influenced her own fan fiction - "My Dream, My Reality".
Tell them how, Nigs.
Nigsea: Tell them that you ruined my ending? Just kidding! Still, I rather not.
BillieJean485: lol
Okay. :)
... Well, I can't think of anything else.
See you, everybody!
Nigsea: Bye bye!

First Part: TDOTCC: Truth or Dare 2 - pt.1
Previous: TDOTCC: Truth or Dare - pt.14
First Model Portrait by BillieJean485
First Model Portrait
The portrait I finished yesterday.
I have mixed feelings about the drawing, and I better hold my tongue on the negative stuff. The professor was more than pleased with how it came out - and that's good enough for me. =P
Took me 7 hours for it. The last hour was... nerve-wrecking. Oh well.
Kudos to the model for being super still. :)
Edited the photo.
Now THIS looks a lot better! :)
Still Life - First Acrylic Painting by BillieJean485
Still Life - First Acrylic Painting
Here's the first acrylic painting I did this summer.
... I forgot how many hours I've been doing it (around 6 I think), but it obviously wasn't enough for me. :/ That's clearly visible on the drapery. Looks so raw...
... I forgot to edit the photo once I've uploaded it to the PC... -.-
Here's a better one.
Pen and Ink Illustration - HPatCoS1 by BillieJean485
Pen and Ink Illustration - HPatCoS1
First of the three parts I need to illustrate from "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". Size: 25x11,6mm.
This is probably my first pen and ink illustration, and I still have no idea how to shade - I just tried what first came to mind; so don't judge the lack of technique.
You'll be seeing a lot of these coming (if I keep on uploading), since I'm home-practicing on them now. As for this particular piece - let's say the scanned version looks better than the real deal. It took me 2,5 hours to do it as well.
I need some good tutorials and/or books... -__-
"Every day we learn interesting new things to which we don't pay much attention. Some are interesting, related to known and less known, even to those we don't even know that exist... yet the same new knowledge can make us think, laugh, and learn something new.
With that, I came up with an idea to start this game.
I will write down the first thing I learned this morning and I will challenge five people to do the same, and then they will challenge the next five people.
(Copy this text before you write what you learned so that others could know what's this about, and also tag the person that challenged you...)

Challenged by: :iconserafinamoonlight:

This morning I learned something I have been doubting on for a while - and that is that my dog has total lack of other dogs' character.
Strays from around the Health Center came in a pack and invaded our street - and then our yard - and then our balcony, and, while she was barking and yelping like mad from fear for hours since they came, when my dad went outside to chase them off, Masha ran off with them. We couldn't find her for an hour or so (I even managed to find the pack, but no sign from her anywhere).
And like that wasn't enough, I had to learn it REALLY early in the morning - around 5:30. Eye bags emoticon
That pup needs some serious training... -.-

I challenge: Nigsea + 4 more people outside of dA ;P
(If you wanna steal this from me, feel free! :D)
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Found a Note to Self today that said: "Continue watching "Slam Dunk"."
Talk about a blast from the past! :D
Hey guys! Taking the time to give you an update on what's going on.
The professor just made a plan for my preparations for the entry exam at the Faculty of Applied Arts, and I am starting ASAP. It won't take all of my time, but I am starting to get serious from now on, so more works will be spent on the preparation. Dunno when I'll have classes yet though.
On another note - I finally got used to taking off time for the pets and organizing the rest of it, plus my health improved, so things are looking up right now. The only bigger thing I need to do is go to Belgrade and get my PC to my hometown. I won't spend much time there though; maybe look for a few things to buy (but now that I'm saving money for my pets, it's gonna be a little harder =P ) and I'm coming back. Hopefully the Internet won't work against me while I'm there...
On a fanbase note: my enthusiasm for YGO! is running low. :( I have no idea why. Maybe it's because I'm not so into the characters nor the story anymore... Sci-fi was never my thing. :/
However, I became a permanent (but not too big of a) fan of "Avatar" and "Korra". Still no fan art coming this way (not counting that I'm writing about my adventures with Korra in the imaginary realm of the Crazy Clerk =P ).
My enthusiasm for working on YoriXKiryu also ran dry, :( and let's just say that Nigsea is feeling all the bad sides of it. I haven't worked on our collab for months... -.-
... Also, I haven't played "Kingdom Hearts" in months. But, since I mentioned it - I am really hyped about the announced KH 2.8! :D I've been trying to save up enough money for both Nintendo 3DS and PS4 - but this just washed away my troubles! :D Can't wait for the release (for both it and KH III)!
... That's all for now. Wish me luck with everything - including the training of my dog, Masha. :D
See you soon!
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  • Reading: lots of stuff
  • Watching: TV, net vids, cinema movies, DVDs
  • Playing: KH II.5HDReMIX;YGO!GX TF;SoD;fb games
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